Titanium Wedding Bands: More than a Trend

Titanium Wedding Bands: More than a Trend

Before the bubbles disappear from the champagne toast to your engagement, it may seem like everyone from your future mother-in-law to your Aunt Edna is on hand to proffer their vision of your ideal wedding. While you may have to explain (more than once), your choice to hold your wedding at a zoo or why your bridesmaids will wear ties, your choice to exchange Titanium Wedding Bands can answer for itself.


Your Aunt says: A Titanium Ring isn't very traditional, now is it?

Because the widespread use of titanium for jewelry has only taken off in the last two decades, some people may consider titanium wedding rings rather non-traditional. But what could be more traditional than a Titanium Ring that will maintain its shining strength and beauty generations beyond gold and silver? And starting a new tradition that doesn’t fuel civil wars or destroy ecosystems sounds like a good place to start. Titanium may be a late bloomer, but many say that had it been discovered before platinum and gold, it would be the leading jewelry material today.

Your future mother-in-law says: Won’t a  Titanium Ring break your finger off?

While it is true that Titanium Rings are tough, ("titanium" derives from the ‘Titans’ of Greek mythology), they are quickly and easily cut with a common ring cutter (standard equipment in hospitals) in an emergency situation. You can be assured that titanium wedding rings are made out of commercially pure titanium grades which have all the advantages of corrosion resistance and durability without the indestructible “scary”-strength we associate with aero-space titanium alloys.

 Your cousin says: Titanium Rings are kind of plain, aren't they?

Titanium wedding bands are some of the most innovative designs on the market. Engineers, craftsmen, and artisan jewelers have only begun to explore the possibilities of this fascinating element. It pairs beautifully with wood inlays, adding durability and strength alongside the wood’s natural beauty. Reconstituted stone, horn, and resin can also add style and color against a shining titanium backdrop. Mokume Gane combines titanium with uniquely patterned metalstock, creating modern looking rings styled in an ancient Japanese tradition. So whatever your personal style, titanium has many faces.

 Your co-worker says: Titanium Rings. Don't they like make spaceships out of that?

Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any known element, which, along with its high melting point, is why 85% of a space shuttle’s structure is likely to be titanium. This strength and durability is what allows the kind of titanium wedding band design capabilities that would otherwise not be possible.  Completely corrosion resistant and 100% hypoallergenic, titanium is also the material of choice for surgical tools, implants, and pacemakers. Titanium has impacted mankind more positively and diversely than any other element out there. As an element that has taken us from the depths of the oceans to the outer reaches of the universe, it doesn’t get more romantic than that.

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