Colorful Wedding Celebrations | Two Color Wedding Rings

Colorful Wedding Celebrations | Two Color Wedding Rings

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We just repainted the Minter & Richter office a brilliant shade called "Raspberry Pudding".



It's bright, warm and fun - a reflection of the mood we hope to inspire as we go about our day. In the middle of winter it's a welcome change and reminded me of how trans-formative color can be. So let's shove off with the gray to white palette of late winter and celebrate colorful weddings and two color wedding rings!



A customer once commented that "Minter & Richter are certainly not afraid of color" and I heartily agree. With our titanium ring designs we do not shy away from color, knowing how symbolic and important it can be to have two color wedding rings or two colored engagement rings, not to mention fun!

Below is a bounty of colorful wedding inspiration via customers who came to us wanting to pair their favorite hues in a pair of two color wedding rings or two colored engagement rings. Enjoy!


Colorful Wedding Celebrations: PURPLE & BLUE

For Shannon & Katie, combining blue and purple throughout their colorful wedding was essential. Their two color wedding rings paired blue sparkle and purple opalescent inlays. One interior we colored blue and the other purple. Their custom titanium wedding band set captured the personality and playful essence of their beautiful union!




Colorful Wedding Celebrations: RED & BLACK

From their love of Doc Martin's and Tattoos, this couple made noir new again, using a classic combination with many modern twists! Their two color wedding rings paired black water buffalo horn inlay with a deep burgundy interior.








Colorful Wedding Celebrations: PURPLE, PINK & BLUE

Power of three! This triad designed a colorful wedding set that looks unified from the exterior (same gray marble opalescent, three different ways) but has each of their favorite colors anodized on the interior. A great way to capture your individual essence within your partnerships!





Colorful Wedding Celebrations: "GINGER"

This groom came to us wanting something with some red in it to represent he and his future wife's hair color, but also a little something to represent his much-missed homeland of Ireland. After much deliberation, "Ginger" was born into the world of two color wedding rings.



Colorful Wedding Celebrations: GREEN

Jennifer & Kyle were married in the town of Fairfax amid books, games and plenty of green accents! We love the fact that the groom's grandmother sewed ties to match the groom's Jade Inlay Titanium wedding band! This colorful wedding is so full of joy :)





Colorful Wedding Celebrations: TRUE BLUE

"Gotcha!" Blue Concrete Groom's Titanium Ring matched her shoes and his car. This Boston couple certainly didn't forget that "something blue" at their colorful wedding!


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