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We have sold our rings to professional chefs, avalanche detonators, firemen and mechanics, and have only heard how thrilled they are with their choice and how amazed they are that their ring can withstand their lifestyle. Many have shared their photos and thoughts with us so we'd like to share them with you. Enjoy!

We got custom rings from Minter and Richter, with a pretty blue [inlay] added in. They’re very affordable. That’s the other thing I liked about them. I looked at a couple of other places that did the same thing and their prices were double or triple what this place charged me for a pair of rings. [Minter and Richter] had great communication and stayed in touch with us through the whole ring making process. I was able to customize mine so I had my favorite color, aqua, on the inside, and John’s has the darker blue. The rings fit us very well. - Listen to Katie's full story here.

thrilled-with-my-ringWow wow and wow!!!!! I absolutely love it!!!! I immediately showed it to my fiance and she loves it as well! I am so thrilled with how it turned out, I cannot wait to see it in person. Very sweet and thoughtful of you to take the garden pictures :). Thank you again so very much for all of your patience and understanding with me throughout the brainstorming and ordering process, you were wonderful to work with. Very excited and would absolutely recommend you guys to any and all of my friends!


the ring is perfectTo say the ring is perfect would be putting it mildly. I opened your package and was almost brought to tears. I love it. She loves it. We love it. It has brought us closer together. It can't be put into words. Just this feeling that has been created and exists because of the beautiful creation you made for us. I can't thank you enough. I wish I could hug you guys in person and express my gratitude. Until next time. Thank you.


ethical-fantastic-serviceI just wanted to send a quick email to let you guys know how PLEASED we are with your company.  When we first ordered my husbands ring online, I was very concerned and wary about ordering from an unfamiliar store online.  We received the ring before our November wedding and loved it.  Early in January, my husband noticed a small crack on the inside of the ring.  Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed and was afraid that contacting and dealing with your company may be unpleasant. You have proved me wrong! You guys went above and beyond our expectations. Not only did you fix his old wedding band, you sent a brand new one with another liner to hopefully prevent cracking.  We are so very pleased with your business and ethics.  Please forward this information to the appropriate person.  We will definitely recommend you and will use you again in the future. Thank you!


special-momentsNot sure if you remember me but I wanted to thank you for all you did in making this ring happen for my wedding! He was SO SURPRISED!!!! He had NO IDEA it was gonna be there for his finger on our wedding day (I told him he had to wear the sizer). Thank you for making this possible! You guys are amazing! Thanks again for working with me and my super short timeline and small budget. Thanks again, you made that moment so special, I will never forget his reaction when I pulled this ring out of my pocket! PS - He LOVES his ring! I catch him studying it all the time.
superior craftsmanshipSuperior craftsmanship in the beautiful ring I purchased for my husband. I can't praise their business enough for the communication that was top notch. These artists have their hearts involved with their rings and it shows!


amazing options to choose fromWe had custom titanium rings made by Minter & Richter designs for our wedding. Mine had jade and a wood inlay and my husband's had matching jade and water buffalo horn inlay. They clearly belonged together but each was unique. We visited Minter & Richter Designs first when looking to choose a vendor to make our wedding bands and after the first consultation, knew we didn't need to see any others to compare, and we've never regretted it! We are so happy with how they turned out and get compliments on them all the time. They spent a lot of time making sure that out of the many amazing options that we could choose from (the amount of materials and treatments, measurements and textures, colors and designs is staggering!) what we picked was exactly what we wanted. They gave us the time to be sure, didn't push a hard sale, but involved us in the design process, and they produced bands we will cherish for a lifetime. The finished rings show expert craftsmanship.


our own black walnut inlayIt was an absolute delight to deal with Minter & Richter Designs. They happily accommodated our request to use our own black walnut (for sentimental reasons) and have even kept a spare piece on hand in case we ever need replacements. Coming up on our fourth anniversary (next week!) and I haven't taken my ring off since the wedding, and it has withstood the rigors of daily life. I heartily recommend their work. I should also add that it was no trouble to deal with them long-distance. Everything went smoothly and the rings arrived in plenty of time.


titanium ring wood inlayAfter searching for a while to find titanium wedding rings with wood inlays, I finally came across Minter & Richter Designs. I fell in love with their designs and was so pleased with the entire experience. The final result was more than I could have hoped for, and my wife and I are so pleased with it. I also purchased one of their wood bow ties and absolutely love it as well. Phenomenal designs, wonderful customer service, and excellent quality ring. Cannot recommend them enough.


lifelong-minter-richter-customersI ordered a custom wood and titanium ring from Minter and Richter last year for my husband. My contact was Lynn and she was great at getting back to me on all the questions I had before placing an order. She finished by putting together a custom invoice for the titanium band with a wood inlay. She also included an estimated ship time that was about 6 weeks later. It shipped right on time when I got an email notification with tracking information and a personalized letter from the team about the ring. My husband loves the ring! We will definitely be lifelong customers of Minter and Richter!


rush-order on-time beautifulI ordered matching wedding rings from Minter & Richter for our impromptu wedding last November. Only had 2-3 weeks before the wedding to select the rings and get them delivered. The rings were delivered on time and they were beautiful! I love that Minter & Richter offer a rich selection of wood and stone inlays and we were able to create something that was meaningful for us and very unique. We get a lot of compliments on the rings. Thank you Minter & Richter.


flawless workWe did a last-minute September wedding last year (2014). My husband is a construction worker so durability was a must. I searched all over the internet went to shops, I couldn't find anyone who made me feel confident that it would survive some wear. and then I found Minter and Richter. Their display room was perfect, they were warm friendly and professional. We had two weeks until we needed the rings. We paid for the expedite service and the ring came within a week. A year later my husband ring looks brand new. Their work is beautiful and flawless. I would highly recommend them to anyone searching for something that is truly unique and special.


custom and durableBack in 2012 when my now-wife and I were planning our wedding I was on the hunt for a ring that I would love and actually wear. I'm a graphic designer and as picky as they come and had found several rings that were CLOSE to what I wanted, but just not doing it for me. I sent my now-wife a mocked up image of what I was looking for and told her that I trusted her to find something close or at least something I would love and wear. Apparently she found Minter & Richter through Etsy and contacted them about making the ring, and 3 years later I still wear it and still love it every time I put it on. I get questions and compliments about it regularly. If you're looking for something custom or even just something that doesn't look like the standard, run-of-the-mill ring then Minter & Richter is your spot.


perfect design and fitMy wife knew that I while I was excited about the fact that we were getting married, I loathed the idea of wearing a ring! She knew that I loved how wood could be used in so many ways, including my pair of wooden sunglasses and multiple watches. Then you found Minter & Richter Designs and knew they would be perfect for a wearable wedding band! Mission accomplished, not only was she able to find the perfect design, with their help she was able to find the perfect fit too. I love the fact that I can be proud to wear a ring, not only as a symbol of our love, but because it is such a fantastic design!


beautiful and creativeSince we have had some time for us to ogle at the beauty & creation of the rings, we are completely compelled to send you our Joy at how wonderful a job you did with them. They are incredibly perfect. I couldn't ask for any better! The ring actually looks like it has a shooting star in it. How incredible and ironic is that? You are impeccable at your artistic profession and Wonderful for getting them out so quickly. This completes the circle for us childhood sweethearts. We thought we had lost each other so long ago but by following our hearts and the stars, we ( Soul-mates) can now become one. Thank You ever so kindly.
gorgeous craftsmanshipI just opened the package and was instantly relieved when I saw the beautiful rings! I had been having nightmares about something going wrong with them (pre-wedding jitters and a really tight timeline). They are absolutely gorgeous, and look better than any picture could capture. I am so thrilled with them and I cannot wait until I can wear it everyday. More people should have rings that such craftsmanship and good energy has gone into like these. Thank you!


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