LOVESTRONG With Titanium + Precious Stone

Turquoise & Beyond

New Stone and Wood Ring Designs For October!

It's been a busy fall here at Minter & Richter and we're excited to introduce several new types of reconstituted* stone into our Titanium Ring repertoire. As you can see, it's quite an international cast!



Webbed Turquoise (Arizona, USA)




Gaspeite Titanium Ring (Gaspe Peninsula, CANADA)




 Azurite Malachite Titanium Ring (New Mexico, USA)


Tibetan Turquoise (Himalayas)



*You're probably wondering how we can possibly bend and shape stone around titanium, huh? Well Scott Richter is certainly a strong man, but we use reconstituted stone for all of our inlays because it can be easily shaped and rounded within our titanium rings. Reconstituted stone is a mixture of stone and resin. We love the way it shines next to titanium or compliments different wood grains!