Frequently Asked Questions

Ring Sizing

Q. How do I get sized?

A. The only accurate and guaranteed way to figure out the perfect size and width for your ring is to take part in our Custom Sizer Program.  We will make you a range of three sizes around your approximate size and at your chosen width for you to wear around until you are sure.  Walk in factory jewelry stores do not size accurately as they do not accommodate for width or size fluctuation. Read about our Custom Sizer Program.

Q. What are possible widths?

A. Since numbers are infinite, so are widths.  But our most popular widths are:

1/8” = 3.5mm
3/16” = 4.8mm
7/32” = 5.6mm
¼” = 6.4mm
5/16” = 7.9mm
3/8” = 9.5mm
½” = 11mm

Q. What if my ring doesn't fit?

A. All of our rings come with a lifetime sizing exchange guarantee. So if the ring doesn't fit, or your size changes down the road, we can offer to make a new ring at 50% the cost of the original. The original ring will need to be returned to us in exchange for the new one.

If you got Custom Sizers from us, you can get a free sizing exchange within the first 30 days after purchase. 

Q. How can I surprise my partner with a ring?

A. Here are 6 helpful tips for ring sizing without your partner knowing.

Ring Services

Q. When will I get my ring?

A. For a standard NON rush order, we ship six weeks after purchase.  Rush Orders ship 3-4 weeks after purchase and our fastest service SHOTGUN rush order ships 10-14 business days after purchase.  All we need from you is your wedding date and latest-must-have-by-date and we will meet it.  We have NEVER missed a date and will not start with yours!  Read more about our various shipping options here.

Q. Can I get my titanium band engraved?

A. Absolutely!  Engraving is $45 for up to 30 characters.  You can add engraving to any band during the checkout process. Learn more about our engraving services here.

All About Titanium

Q. Will my titanium band last?

Titanium bands are jewelry without compromise - strong, impermeable and lightweight, they offer the best of both worlds: beauty and durability. Each of our rings are carefully handcrafted from a single billet of pure titanium and all of our inlays are securely stabilized to preserve their natural durability. With a unique ability to take on a variety of finishes as well as its glorious color and shine, titanium is the perfect material for the perfect ring!

We have sold our rings to professional chefs, firemen, surfers, and trapeze artists, and have only heard back from them how thrilled they are with their choice and how amazed they are that their ring can withstand their lifestyle. Having said all of this, we back all our rings 100% and will always fix or replace an inlay should it need it. Titanium absolutely can scratch.  The only material on earth that really doesn’t scratch is a diamond, which will shatter instead. If you are particularly concerned about how rough you are on your hands, you may want to be sure to opt for one of our Lifetime Care Options at checkout.

Q. How waterproof are the inlays?

A. When we choose an inlay material, we do so with two things in mind: durability and beauty. Many of the woods we use for our wood inlays are ultra stabilized under a patented high pressure process, making them as impermeable to water as humanly possible and incredibly resistant to scratches. If you are particularly concerned about your lifestyle and wood inlays, you may want to be sure to also get our fabulous Band Balm.  If wax can protect your car, it can also protect your ring.  Our most durable inlays are M3, Resin and Stone.

Q. Can titanium be cut if I’m in an accident?

    A. Absolutely. This urban folklore was started by the greedy gold industry to scare you away from buying Titanium. Never in the history of mankind has an EMT or hospital amputated someone’s finger just because they were too lazy or unable to cut off their Titanium ring. Titanium can be easily cut. After all, we do it all day long every day just to make the rings!

    Check out what Snopes has to say about this crazy rumor! 

    Q. What is Anodization?

    A. One of the most magical things about Titanium is that it can be anodized a variety of colors.

    Anodization is the process that produces those fabulous accent colors you see on our bands. By passing electricity through titanium in a conductive bath, a transparent titanium-oxide layer is formed on the band’s surface. The amount of voltage in the bath determines the thickness of the oxide and color produced. Each iridescent color is seen through the refraction of light on the transparent oxide layer. Because the colors are optically created, they may look different depending on the time of day, viewing angle and light source. Anodization is not permanent, and will eventually fade and wear over time. This is why we only anodize on the interior and protected groove of our bands.

    How Is My Ring Made?

    Learn about all the parts of the ring here.


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