Who's behind Minter & Richter’s custom, hand-crafted titanium rings and bands? Here's a look at Minter, Richter and the rest of the creative minds that work to make your rings.

Scott Richter, Owner, Ring Maker & Metalsmith

scott richterOne only need glance at Scott Richter’s bedside table to witness this man’s dedication to metal craft and machinery. At a time when most tired eyes desire to succumb to the latest thriller or romance novel, Scott finds himself regularly engrossed in favorites such as Jewelry Concepts & Technology and Machinery Handbook.
And it has been a life-long love affair.
Born and raised in Watertown, MA, Scott began designing his own knives at age 15, carefully honing and refining the skills that would land him in the pages of Premier Knife Makers in the World two decades later. While concentrating on swords and knives, Scott would often find himself making rings for friends and family. The demand and appreciation for these lovingly handcrafted bands, along with his own real life romance and marriage to Minter (Edwards) Richter, eventually led to the launch of Minter & Richter Designs.

Working from his studio housed in Boston’s Historic Rum Distillery, Scott meticulously crafts each ring custom to order. Combining titanium with everything from the exotic – water buffalo horn, to the everyday – concrete, and special found objects that customers send, Scott is continually reinventing the idea of what a ring should be.

Minter Richter, Owner & Wedding Band Designer

While Scott is perfectly content to communicate in titanium, wife Minter brought her business background and love of LOVE to the company.  She has been gregariously answering each call, convo, and question since Minter & Richter's inception in 2009. A self-professed romantic, Minter is happiest chatting with customers about their upcoming wedding and ring design ideas.

Lynn Holmgren - Assistant Ring Maker

Lynn Holmgren - Assistant Ring MakerLynn Holmgren joined Minter & Richter in 2011 as resident wordsmith, working alongside Minter at Minter & Richter World Headquarters (aka – the studio office). She wears many hats, and has evolved into a world-class, ring finishing maven.  Lynn is happiest buffing, waxing and anodizing your ring to the finish and color that will make your heart sing.

Elisavet Mendrinos - Customer Service Manager

Elisavet MendrinosElisavet Mendrinos is our Silver Bullet/Greek Wonder on campus. As a Mom of five boys, she can resolve any concern you may have with your order or ring-design idea without batting an eyelid. No nervous bride can shake her. She is an unstoppable force of help and support and is known around here for her almost supernatural ability to detect and stop issues before they arise. If you find yourself wanting to call her long after the wedding for help in other areas of your life, you wouldn’t be the first.

Ruby, Quality Control & Guard Dog

rubyRuby is the resident canine at M&R World Headquarters, and takes her role very seriously, carefully guarding packaged rings for the FedEx deliveryman (as time allows between her naps on the antique loveseat).

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