YOU ASK: Can Titanium Rings Be Cut Off?

YOU ASK: Can Titanium Rings Be Cut Off?

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While gold will cost you an arm and a leg, titanium won’t ever cost you a finger.


Titanium wedding bands have been typecast; the stepsister of gold and platinum, the vice grip unable to be removed in an emergency situation. Jewelry retail staff have gladly spread and affirmed these myths about titanium wedding bands as they aim customers toward pricier gold and platinum bands. They may tell you that your titanium ring could only be cut off by specific and expensive equipment not readily available in most hospitals and ER facilities. After all, greedy jewelers know that it’s not very romantic to think about losing one’s finger to the noose of its own wedding band.While it is true that titanium is tough, (the name derives from the ‘Titans’ of Greek mythology), titanium rings can be quickly and easily cut with a common ring cutter (standard equipment in hospitals).

You can be assured that our titanium wedding bands are made out of commercially pure titanium grades which have all the advantages of corrosion resistance and durability without the indestructible “scary”-strength we associate with aerospace titanium alloys.With its strength of steel but weight comparable to that of aluminum, a titanium ring is actually one of the safest elements you can wear around your ring finger. Most people are unaware that titanium wedding rings are hypoallergenic, meaning that they do not contain nickel or cobalt, substances which those with sensitive skin often react to. Almost all gold rings use gold mixed with other metals to make it harder, and these impurities can cause allergic reactions in the wearer. Fourteen-karat gold is 58% pure versus 99% commercially pure titanium wedding rings. For those seeking to wear only the purest element,a titanium ring is a reliable and safe purchase.

So take a second look at those titanium wedding bands. The titanium had to be cut to be formed into a ring, so there is no need to worry about safety, the titanium ring can be cut. The only thing to worry about is the dollar signs in some jeweler’s eyes. While gold will cost you an arm and a leg, titanium won’t ever cost you a finger.

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