6 Tips For Ring Sizing Without Your Partner's Knowing

Proposing with a titanium ring can symbolize the comfort and security of commitment; beforehand, it’s all about getting carried away in the romance of surprise. But as much as we would like it to, the perfect fitting titanium ring doesn’t just materialize out of thin air.

So how to tell ring size without your significant other knowing?

1. Sleeping Beauty Method

Slip a generic ring sizer (cheap on Amazon!) on his or her finger while they sleep.

2. Curiosity Killed the Cat Method

Is your partner too much of a light sleeper for the Sleeping Beauty Method? Leave that same sizer kit lying around the house and hint for them to play with it.  

3. Beg, Borrow, Steal

Does your partner own an inexpensive ring they won’t notice is missing?  You can send it to us to match it for size.  Must be the same width all the way around and should be close in width to the band you want to get from us.

Please package your ring(s) securely within the original envelopes or equivalent packaging. Include your name, contact information and shipping address. Please send via USPS (no signature required) to: Minter & Richter, 2 Ainsley St, Boston, MA 02112

4. Phone a friend

Call your partner’s mom.  She might just know his or her size. Moms typically know just about everything, don’t they?

5. Two helpful online ring-sizing charts:
  • International Ring Conversion Chart here.
  • Print a free ring sizer for your convenience here.
6. The one and only true  method

Minter & Richter Custom Sizers.

Once you know their approximate size (using perhaps some or all of the methods above), you can have us send you custom sizers ($40).  For example, if you discover your partner is approximately size 10 and you want his/her final band to be 6.4mm wide, we will send you a range of sizes around size 10 all at 6.4mm for you to play with - covertly while they sleep or for them to wear around until they are sure of their size. Custom Sizers are the only guaranteed method. Purchase a set here.

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