A Surprise Wedding Proposal and a Titanium Wedding Ring

A Surprise Wedding Proposal and a Titanium Wedding Ring

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Wedding proposals are always exciting and quite an endearing event when you get a chance to recount it among a circle of family and friends. Love is in the air at M&R headquarters, especially when it came time for a very special ring consultation with Erin and David.  But there are times when the romance is worth blogging about, as in the case for a darling couple, Erin and David.  And those are our favorite times of all.  First there were the clandestine emails from David to arrange champagne, to have their favorite song ready at the touch of a button and thoughts on wedding ring design for Erin.  And while we waited for the big day to come when he would fly up to Boston with his girlfriend for what she thought would just be a fun day of shopping and running around, he began the design and creation of her diamond engagement ring.  He purposefully picked a setting for her engagement ring that would stand high enough so that her Minter & Richter Designs  Wedding Band would slip perfectly beneath her engagement ring.  Engagement ring completed, he hid it away until the big day. 


Erin and David elated to be together on their surprise engagement here, at

Minter & Richter Designs studio, in Boston.

A month or so later, the day finally came!  I’m not sure I have been that excited about a proposal since Mr. Richter proposed to me.  She had long been a fan of our rings, but I could see the surprise on her face as they walked up the stairs.  And he explained – “since we are in Boston anyway, we can just take a look and if we ever decide to get married, we will have a better idea about their rings…”  After a few minutes of chat, Margo distracted her, while David and I figured out logistics.  About a half hour into the Ring Consultation, David signaled to me that he was ready and I went to get the champagne and start the song “Favorite Person” by Jake Armerding.  As soon as I heard squeals and laughter, I knew they were ready for champagne!

What a fabulous way to start the day – as well as a life together! Congratulations to Erin and David on their engagement! 


Photo Credit: Margo Gabriel

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