You Have Questions, We Have Answers: An FAQ Section Which Answers Common Questions about Wedding Rings

You Have Questions, We Have Answers: An FAQ Section Which Answers Common Questions about Wedding Rings

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Ring Sizing

Q. How do I get sized?

A. The only accurate and guaranteed way to figure out the perfect size and width for your ring is to take part in our Custom Sizer Program.  We will make you a range of sizes around your approximate size and at your chosen width for you to wear around until you are sure.  If you do not know your approximate size, there are two easy ways to discover that:

1.  Go to a walk in jewelry store.  Though they might tell you they can give you an exact size, that is untrue.  Walk in jewelry stores do not accommodate for width or fluctuation.  They also use factory made sizing systems, which all size differently.  Ring Mandrels are also factory made and not reliable.  BUT!  They can definitely give you an approximate size.  Once you have that in hand, you can order your Minter + Richter ring and we will send your sizers around that approximate size.

2.  Measure the circumference of your finger with a string.  Then go to to convert your circumference to size.  

Once you discover your approximate size, you can order your ring.  Simply enter that size as you go through the check out on the website for your Minter + Richter ring and be sure to add Custom Sizers to your cart as well. Becuase we will see the custom sizers in your cart, we will know that the size you put in is approximate.  We will then send you a range of sizes around your approximate size for you to wear around until you are sure of the perfect fit for you.  Keep in mind that you fluctuate in size.  You are bigger at night than in the morning, bigger when consuming alcohol or exercising, than when sober and still, etc., so it is important to take time to discover your correct size.  You are also a different size on different widths; the wider the ring, the more tightly it will fit.  Once you confirm your size we begin making your rings! (**Please note that sizers can add approximately 2 weeks to order processing.)  

Shipping fees:

DOMESTIC USA - Free shipping to and from when you purchase the sizers in the same transaction as your ring purchase.  Be sure to click on "SEND RING SIZERS"  as you go through the customization of your ring.

INTERNATIONAL - Free shipping to you, but you must pay return.  Sizers come in a mailer that you can snail mail back to us for as cheap as possible.


Read more about our Custom Sizer Program.

Q. What are possible widths?

A. Since numbers are infinite, so are widths.  But our most popular widths are:

1/8” = 3.5mm
3/16” = 4.8mm
7/32” = 5.6mm
¼” = 6.4mm
5/16” = 7.9mm
3/8” = 9.5mm
½” = 11mm

Q. What if my ring doesn't fit?

A. All of our rings come with a lifetime sizing exchange guarantee. So if the ring doesn't fit, or your size changes down the road, we can offer to make a new ring at 50% the cost of the original. The original ring will need to be returned to us in exchange for the new one.

If you got Custom Sizers from us, you can get a free sizing exchange within the first 30 days after receipt of the ring.  If you did not get Custom Sizers, you are automatically eligible for the half price sizing exchange.  Because we are not just pulling rings from a shelf and are instead making them by hand, we do have to charge half price to make you a whole new ring at a new size, but again, we only do that if you did not get Custom Sizers from us.  Custom Sizers give you a 30 day window after receipt of the ring to change your size for free.  

Another thing to remember is that EVERYONE changes size as they age and so will you.  This is another reason why our half price sizing exchange policy is awesome.  When you discover that your size has changed due to injury, pregnancy, normal weight change, you can always contact us to have a new ring made at a new size for half the current retail price of the ring.

Q. How can I surprise my partner with a ring?

A. Here are 6 helpful tips for ring sizing without your partner knowing.

Ring Services

Q. When will I get my ring?

A. For a standard NON rush order, we ship approximately one month after purchase.  If your latest-must-have-by-date is sooner than that, our fastest service, SHOTGUN rush order, will make it so that you receive your ring before your date.  All we need from you is your wedding date and latest-must-have-by-date and we will meet it.  We have NEVER missed a date and will not start with yours!  Read more about our various shipping options here.

FEDEX DOMESTIC 2-DAY: $15. OVERNIGHT DOMESTIC $50. All packages are sent FEDEX Signature NOT required. If you would like Signature Required, there is an additional $25 charge. Once we send you your tracking number, it is your responsibility to call 1-800-GO-FEDEX and instruct them whether you would like your package left on your porch or if you would like to pick it up at your local FEDEX facility. If your package is stolen off your porch, we are not responsible. We are happy to make you a new ring, but it will be at full cost.

INTERNATIONAL FEDEX SHIPPING: $75. All packages are sent FEDEX Signature NOT required. If you would like Signature Required, there is an additional $25 charge. Once we send you your tracking number, it is your responsibility to call 1-800-GO-FEDEX and instruct them whether you would like your package left on your porch or if you would like to pick it up at your local FEDEX facility. If your package is stolen off your porch, we are not responsible. We are happy to make you a new ring, but it will be at full cost.

Please note that international buyers (outside of the USA) may experience longer shipping times due to customs and may be charged additional fees by their own country.  Most countries charge import duties and VAT taxes based on the declared value of the merchandise.  These duties are generally randomly assigned and do not occur that often.   If it does happen, however, all additional charges are the sole responsibility of the buyer and Minter & Richter Designs shall not be obliged to pay for it. 

We ONLY use FedEx for the shipment of our rings. FedEx cannot deliver to a PO Box. Therefore, we can only accept Full Street addresses with your order.


Q. Can I get my titanium band engraved?

engraved wedding rings

A. Absolutely!  Engraving is $45 for up to 30 characters.  You can add engraving to any band during the checkout process. Learn more about our engraving services here.

All About Titanium

Q. Will my titanium band last?

Titanium bands are jewelry without compromise - strong, impermeable and lightweight, they offer the best of both worlds: beauty and durability. Each of our rings are carefully handcrafted from a single billet of pure titanium and all of our inlays are securely stabilized to preserve their natural durability. With a unique ability to take on a variety of finishes as well as its glorious color and shine, titanium is the perfect material for the perfect ring!

We have sold our rings to professional chefs, firemen, surfers, and trapeze artists, and have only heard back from them how thrilled they are with their choice and how amazed they are that their ring can withstand their lifestyle. Having said all of this, we back all our rings 100% and will always fix or replace an inlay should it need it. Titanium absolutely can scratch.  The only material on earth that really doesn’t scratch is a diamond, which will shatter instead. If you are particularly concerned about how rough you are on your hands, you may want to be sure to opt for one of our Lifetime Care Options at checkout.

Minter & Richter Designs has the most generous Lifetime Care options for hand made rings on the internet.  Must be purchased at the same time as your ring.


  • Covers all damage for life
  • Does NOT cover loss of ring
  • Includes FedEx return shipping 


  • Covers all damage for life
  • Covers a one time free re-make should you ever lose your ring - WE WILL MAKE YOU A NEW RING FOR FREE IF YOU LOSE IT!!!
  • Not available for Meteorite Rings
  • Unless waived for special circumstances, must be purchased as part of original transaction.
  • Includes FedEx return shipping

We know you love your ring.  And we put a lot of love into making it, still we know life is rough sometimes and accidents happen.  That is why we offer two levels of Lifetime Care.  Purchase once and your ring is covered for life.  We are the only company in the country to offer such an extensive insurance package for our rings.  If you see one that looks more generous out there, you can rest assured the ring is most likely factory made/mass produced.  If you see a ring manufacturer on the internet offering something that smells a little too good to be true, guess what, it is becuase they know they can just pull another ring from the shelf and ship it off to you.  They are not making it stem to stern by hand as we are.  At the most, they are purchasing ring blanks from overseas and just filling them.  Not cool.

We have split our Insurance package into two levels.  Both are exactly the same, except one very special thing.  They both cover all damage.  However, the Premium level of care also covers you if you lose your ring.  That's right!  If you purchase the Premium Level of LIfetime Care, your ring is covered for loss.  That means if you lose your ring, we will re-make it for free.  Of course it is one-time.  You can't lose your ring weekly and keep getting free ones.  But we have discovered that most people lose their ring the first year, when they are still not used to wearing a ring.  Except for doctors, nurses and anyone that wears gloves at work.  Those folks throw their rings away when they rip off their gloves and chuck them into the toxic trash can.  And they keep doing it too.  But that is okay, they at least get one free re-make if they purchase Premium Lifetime Care with their ring!

Q. How waterproof are the inlays?

A. When we choose an inlay material, we do so with two things in mind: durability and beauty. Many of the woods we use for our wood inlays are ultra stabilized under a patented high pressure process, making them as impermeable to water as humanly possible and incredibly resistant to scratches.  Having said all this, wood is definitely less durable than, say, stone or resin or mokume gane, etc.  If you are particularly concerned about your lifestyle and wood inlays, you may want to be sure to also get our fabulous Band Balm.  If wax can protect your car, it can also protect your ring.  Our most durable inlays are M3, Resin and Stone.

Not only do we have our special blend and very protective Band Balm and Meteorite Wax to help you protect your ring from attacks by nature, we also offer the most generous Lifetime Care Package for handmade rings in the USA.  Not only does our Premium Level of Lifetime Care cover you for all damage for life, it also covers you for loss!  If you lose your ring, we will re-make it for free.  That is truly unheard of in the custom, handmade ring world.  Band Balm and Meteorite Wax can only protect your ring, not repair it.  Just as wax protects your car or your cheese, but does not repair it if you crash or take a bite out.

Q. Can titanium be cut if I’m in an accident?

    A. Absolutely. This urban folklore was started by the greedy gold industry to scare you away from buying Titanium. Never in the history of mankind has an EMT or hospital in the United States amputated someone’s finger just because they were too lazy or unable to cut off their Titanium ring. Titanium can be easily cut. After all, we do it all day long every day just to make the rings!

    Check out what Snopes has to say about this crazy rumor! 

    Q. What is Anodization?

    A. One of the most magical things about Titanium is that it can be anodized a variety of colors.

    Anodization is the process that produces those fabulous accent colors you see on our bands. By passing electricity through titanium in a conductive bath, a transparent titanium-oxide layer is formed on the band’s surface. The amount of voltage in the bath determines the thickness of the oxide and color produced. Each iridescent color is seen through the refraction of light on the transparent oxide layer. Because the colors are optically created, they may look different depending on the time of day, viewing angle and light source. Anodization is not permanent, and will eventually fade and wear over time. This is why we only anodize on the interior and protected groove of our bands.

    Anodized Rings

    Spectrum of Colors available for anodizing

    How Will My Ring Be Made?

    Learn about all the parts of the ring here.

    Painstakingly and with lots of love and experience.  That is the short answer.  The most important thing to know, though, is that when you come to Minter + Richter Designs, you are coming to Master Craftsman, Scott Richter and his wife Minter Richter, Ring Designer.  It is just lucky we fell in love all those freaking years ago because our skills work perfectly together.  I design them (with our customer's help!) and he makes them.  That is it.  We don't source outside ourselves.  The buck stops here.  We were also the first in the country to hand make these rings at such a large scale and are now consistently rated most reliable and uniqe wedding ring maker in the country.  When you call 617-326-6671, you will speak with Minter Richter.  When you come in for a Ring Consultation, you will meet with Minter Richter.  If you vist our shop, you will not see a factory of makers, you will see Scott Richter.  It makes a big difference at the end of the day and we are grateful for your support in that way.  

    The best way to get an idea as to how your ring will be made is to watch!  Check out this video on YouTube!



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