Manufacturing Options

Manufacturing Options for Your Custom Ring

While most jewelry stores have their rings factory made and then pull from stock for each sale, we make each ring custom for each person at their specific size and width and according to their own design aesthetic.  Therefore, to be fair to all our fabulous clients, we provide three different levels of manufacturing options so that you can be sure to receive your ring exactly when you need it and not a minute later.  We have never missed a date and will not start with yours.

If you are a plan-ahead type of person, then simply opt for our Standard Order, which will ship to you six weeks after purchase. If your wedding date demands it or you just simply don’t want to wait six weeks, you can have your wait time cut in half by opting for our Rush Order service. If you need them even faster than that, we still have you covered! Our Shotgun Rush is just for you. We will get you your ring by your latest-must-have-by date in 14 business day or UNDER!

Standard Order

  • Ships 6 weeks after purchase (or 6 weeks after you tell us your size from the Custom Sizers)

Rush Order ($75 per band)

  • Ships 3-4 weeks after purchase (or 3-4 weeks after you tell us your size from the Custom Sizers)
  • Please specify the Latest-Must-Have-By-Date

Shotgun Rush Order ($100 per band)

  • Ships in 14 business days or less
  • Please specify the Latest-Must-Have-By-Date.




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