You Ask: “Help, I Think I’m Allergic to Titanium!”

You Ask: “Help, I Think I’m Allergic to Titanium!”

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It’s been one blissful month since your wedding day, but an ugly red ring of irritated skin has appeared beneath the band of your titanium ring. The condition appears to improve when you remove the ring for a few days. A quick search online turns up information about wedding rings and nickel allergies, so you assume you must be allergic to titanium...

Wait, put that ring back on! We’ve got good news- 

titanium wedding ring

Our titanium rings are made of Commercially Pure (CP) Grade 2 titanium. CP Grade 2 is 98.99% pure, unalloyed titanium. It is hypoallergenic and will not irritate or discolor your skin, making our titanium rings perfect for those with sensitive skin.

About 10% of the population is allergic to nickel, often found in gold and white gold. Contact with nickel or its compounds often results in "nickel itch”, an allergic dermatitis condition. Our titanium rings do not contain any nickel, and are 100% hypoallergenic!

So, what caused my rash?

wedding ring rash


“Wedding ring rash” is a fairly common skin rash that occurs beneath the band of a ring. It may appear as red, dry, or itching skin around the base of the ring finger. Individuals with a history of sensitive skin, eczema, or allergies can be more prone to this type of rash.

The culprit? Soap and water trapped under the ring for prolonged periods of time.

Wearing a ring on the same finger every day gives little to no room for the skin beneath to air out. When you wash your hands, soap particles can become trapped under the band, causing irritation.

How can I prevent it from happening again?

wedding ring rash

Wedding ring rash is easily treatable and will likely improve by minimizing any moisture between your ring and finger. Simply remove the ring during hand washing and then dry the ring and the finger before slipping it back. If it is possible, rotating the ring to a different finger can be also be helpful in preventing irritation.  Give your finger a rest for a couple of days by keeping your rings in one of our Ring Boxes on your dresser.  You can also add Band Balm to your wood inlay during this time of rest.  Why not?  Hey, your ring could use some and R&R too!

Wear your titanium wedding ring worry-free-- just be sure to give your hands a little TLC!


Read more of our tips on Titanium Wedding Band Care here.


All of our titanium rings are handcrafted in Boston, MA and come with lifetime care options to keep your rings protected and looking beautiful. Put the love in your ring and ring in your love at Minter & Richter Designs.

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