Love In Your Ring Stories: Suzanne + Joe

Love In Your Ring Stories: Suzanne + Joe

Dirt Trails, Fat Wheels, and Muddy Love

Widowed at a young age, Suzanne threw herself into running half-marathons, triathlons, and learning to scuba dive and mountain bike. Her grief was vast and adventuring outdoors provided some relief after losing her husband. But there was one adventure she vowed never to take again, and that was dating.

Several years after her husband's death, Suzanne and her friend Mary joined a group mountain bike ride near their homes in Wisconsin. They were outnumbered 2 women to 25 men and Suzanne had her anti-male force field set to “high”. One of the men she met during the ride, Joe, friended her on Facebook. He shared casual friendly messages to which she would respond with a non-committal thumbs up emoji or “Have a great weekend!”

Although suspicious of Joe’s patient persistence, Suzanne appreciated that he did not exhibit signs of being a self-absorbed narcissist like some of the male athletes she’d met previously. After a month or so of avoiding any advances, Suzanne finally agreed to Joe’s invitation to take a ride together.

The Ride

Before they could ride Suzanne rolled out her endless list of disclaimers and conditions, stating that this would be one ride and one ride only. The pair rode single track together for an hour, then shared the beer that Suzanne had brought along. The conversation flowed on for hours. The couple discovered they not only a common love for biking, but good coffee, and craft beer.

Over the next year Suzanne and Joe traveled to several states and rode bikes for days on end.  They rode fat tire bikes in Wisconsin’s snow, ice, and -5 degree weather. Their kids became inseparable and their lives enmeshed.

The Rings
With marriage on the horizon they began to talk about wedding rings. It was quickly clear that they both agreed on no gold or diamonds, instead desiring rings that would live up to their lifestyle. After searching online, images of Minter & Richter Designstitanium rings made from copper caught their eye.

mountain bike wedding rings

A hand-hammered “dirt path” travels endlessly around each titanium wedding band, representing how the couple met and their commitment to each other on their journey together.

Joe favored titanium, an indestructible foundation for their wedding rings. Suzanne liked copper, a soft, malleable metal. Fortunately, Minter & Richter Designs could seamlessly combine both metals. The final touch was a hand-hammered “dirt path” traveling endlessly around each titanium wedding band and representing how the couple met and their commitment to each other on their journey together.


mountain bike wedding - titanium wedding rings

Suzanne and Joe on their wedding day.

Suzanne and Joe became adventure partners for life on September 24, 2016. Suzanne says: “In the month since our wedding, the rings have already evolved. The dark trail has lightened, and the copper absolutely shines. We love looking at them under running water and imagining them as pennies in a wishing well.”

mountain bike titanium wedding rings

"Our Path Together" Hand-beaten Copper and Titanium Wedding Rings designed by Suzanne + Joe.

Thanks Suzanne and Joe for sharing your Love In Your Ring Story with us!

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