Love In Your Ring Stories: Jason + Natasha

Love In Your Ring Stories: Jason + Natasha

Halloween Proposal, Fake Dead Finger, Front Yard Fortune

For most people, Halloween can easily be summed up by its core elements: costumes, candy corn, jack-o-lanterns, haunted houses, and sugar-comas. But this year Jason was ready to add something a little different to the mix: a Halloween proposal.

unique wedding proposal

The fake dead finger and mini carved pumpkin Jason used to propose!

Man with a Plan

Jason and his girlfriend Natasha had plans to take their children trick-or-treating around the neighborhood on Halloween night. Before they left the house, Jason slipped Natasha’s custom Minter & Richter wooden engagement ring around a fake dead finger and stashed it inside of a mini carved pumpkin in his son’s bag. Natasha had no clue what was coming.

Jason planned to make his proposal towards the end of the night when they got to the house on the block whose front lawn was a living haunted house. He figured he would hand off the pumpkin to one of the skeletons, zombies or mummies strolling around the yard and simply tell them to give it to the girl dressed as an Indian.

The Fortune Teller

As fate would have it, the engagement pumpkin got handed to a woman dressed as a fortune teller. She realized the situation and immediately began to play along: “Your future looks very bright, Pocahontas!” she called out to Natasha. “Congratulations, Pocahontas!” she said as she handed Natasha the pumpkin. Jason stood nearby, waiting to jump in as soon as Natasha saw the ring.

Natasha screamed and both she and Jason dropped to their knees. The Halloween menagerie gathered around them. Scary organ music played as Jason proposed and Natasha, crying in disbelief, said “Yes!”

unique wedding proposal

The happy Halloween couple. Jason has plans to get a matching wooden wedding ring from Minter & Richter.

Halloween will Never Be the Same Again

The couple plans to marry in Spring 2017 in Northern California’s redwood forest. When Jason was asked what drew him to “Conifer” the wooden engagement ring that he chose for Natasha, he spoke of their mutual love for nature and each other. They had never been the traditional type and he was happy to discover that Minter & Richter Designs had so many options and wooden ring styles to choose from. He said that he plans to get a matching wooden wedding ring very soon!

wooden engagement ring

Jason chose "Conifer" to reflect the couple's love of nature.

Thanks to Jason + Natasha for sharing your Love In Your Ring Story with us!

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