Titanium Wedding Bands | Photo Gallery: 'Ring-scapes'

Titanium Wedding Bands | Photo Gallery: 'Ring-scapes'

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Wooden Wedding Rings| Receiving photos from our customers is like having a fresh bouquet of flowers delivered to the office...

 Titanium Wedding Bands | Bringing light, color, passion and.... pumps!

Titanium Wedding Bands: Handmade in Boston, Heartfelt Around the World | We're an online business, so it's not often that we actually get to meet our customers face to face. They come from Poland and Pennsylvania, Bhutan and Boston - with love stories as varied as the landscapes and languages they live in.


                                                            Swedish Couple in Bhutan


Kiwi Couple

       From Russia with Love

Sometimes pictures are the simplest of translations.

Here are a few of our favorite Titanium Wedding Bands and Wooden Wedding Ring "Ring-scapes"...


Ring's Best Friend


Wild Thing


DJ Love


Sword of Rings


 Love is Timeless




Our wooden wedding rings thrive in natural environments...


 Golden Box Elder is a chameleon with endless variations occurring in its natural burl.


Blue Box Elder bands mate for life.


Sandblasted California Buckeye brings his fiancee home to meet the parents.



Thank you kind and beautiful customers for sharing your happiness :)



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