YOU ASK: Can Titanium Be Engraved?

YOU ASK: Can Titanium Be Engraved?

Can Titanium Be Engraved?

The answer is an emphatic "YES"!

Personalized engraving can add life and soul to your titanium wedding bands.Whether it is a romantic sentiment, personal joke, or date, engraving adds a special touch that can remind each partner of their unique bond with the other. There are many ring engraving ideas for couples to explore as they consider what sort of engraving would be most meaningful for them.

Engraving is the process of carving words or symbols into the interior of a titanium wedding band for a personal keepsake. Modern engraving techniques include lasers and digitalized equipment that can create detailed, complex fonts and images. Engraving is the last thing to be done after titanium wedding bands have been appropriately sized and anodized with color, as any sizing/coloring adjustments would distort or damage the engraving. Engraving costs can vary depending on the length and complexity of the phrase, the tools required, the delicacy of the ring, and the type of metal to be engraved.



Ring Engraving Ideas:


Titanium wedding bands with romantic engravings are the most popular choice for soon-to-be- newlyweds. Romantic choices often serve as a reminder of the wedding vows, reference the length of the desired marital commitment, or simply convey the love of the relationship:


“Together Forever"

“Happily Ever After”

I Do

"Love, Honor, Cherish"

“From This Day Forward”

“My True Love"

“This Kiss”

"Friends & Lovers"

"My Wish Came True"


Ring Engraving Ideas:


Sentimental engraving choices often include romantic notions with personal attachments, such as the wedding date, a couple’s initials, or a special bible verse or quote. Often serious and solemn, a sentimental engraving on titanium wedding bands reflects the integrity of a couple’s commitment, the dates and symbols that give them special identity, or the higher ideals that they aim for:


"Love never ends" 1 Corinthians 13.13

"My beloved is mine and I am his/hers"  Song of Solomon 2:16

Date of Wedding Ceremony-


February 2, 2012

Combined initials or first names-


Bob & Anne


Ring Engraving Ideas:


Couples with a playful side may opt for humorous engravings referencing a shared personal joke or goofy nicknames:


"Best Catch Ever"

"Heart Thief!"

"Partners in Crime"


“Old Man”


“Put It Back On”


Ring 1: Peas/Ring 2: Carrots

Ring 1: To Infinity.../Ring 2: And Beyond!

"It's Dangerous to go alone! Take this."


Ring Engraving Ideas:


SELECT @WIFE = '________'

SELECT @HUSBAND = '_________'


Ring Engraving Ideas: 


Unique engravings often include a combination of symbols and letters. The infinity symbol and rune symbol speak of romance to some, while others may opt for expressing their love in French, Latin, or Chinese characters. Ogham is an early medieval alphabet popular with the Pagan crowd and those looking for something more offbeat:


French -

Je T'adore  (I love you)

Mon Cheri (My Love)

Coeurs Qui S'aiment, nul Besoin de Paroles (Hearts in love need no words)


Gaelic -

Ta Gra Agam Ort ( I love you)


Italian -

Ti Amo (I love you)


Latin -

Amor vincit omnia (Love Conquers All)


Chinese -





Ogham -





Working together to choose an engraving phrase can help both partners to feel connected by the words/symbols they have chosen to represent their commitment to one another. And whether the choice is romantic, silly, or offbeat, what is most important is that the engraving phrase be as timeless as the couples’ love for one another.

Less romantic, but equally important is the reality of double checking the spelling and spacing of the engraving phrase before sending it off to the jeweler. The end result should be titanium wedding bands with the words that spark the heart and soul of your loving union.

Remember, only titanium can be engraved, not the inlay materials.  So, rings like Lake Baikal can only be engraved on the exterior.  Rings like Beaten Copper can only be engraved on the interior.  And Rings like Brushed and Naked can be engraved anywhere at all.

Interested in engraving? Start by selecting your ring and choose Text or Image Engraving during the Love in Your Ring Wizard process. 

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