Tips For Ring Sizing Without Your Partner's Knowing!

Tips For Ring Sizing Without Your Partner's Knowing!

Titanium rings can symbolize the comfort and security of commitment; beforehand it’s all about getting carried away in the romance of surprise. But as much as we would like it to, the perfect fitting titanium ring doesn’t just materialize out of thin air. So how to tell ring size without your significant other knowing?


How To Tell Ring Size

There are several options for those looking to secretly secure the correct ring sizing before the proposal, commitment ceremony, birthday or anniversary:


Sleeping Beauty By simply slipping a small length of string around your partner’s ring finger as they sleep, you can have an approximate measurement to bring to a local jeweler for a diameter size. However, if your partner is a light sleeper you may want to try one of the alternative options below for ring sizing.




Beg, Borrow, or Steal If your partner owns a ring that you know fits around their ring finger and wouldn’t necessarily notice if it went missing for a few hours, you could run to your local jeweler and have the ring measured. If you can’t slip out with the ring, make an impression of it in soap or clay, or trace the inside of the ring on paper for ring sizing.


Phone a Friend Call your partner’s mother, best friend, hairdresser or someone close to them who may just know their ring size.







Curiosity Killed the Cat Order a ring sizer and leave it lying around the house – tell them that you’re buying a ring for yourself. Inevitably they will be curious to use the sizer on themselves. For non-jewelry wearing males this may seem too fishy, so you could also plant the sizer at a friend’s house.









Additionally, there are several helpful resources found online that can help make your life a little easier when ring sizing for titanium rings:

  • International Ring Conversion Chart here
  • Print a free ring sizer for your convenience here.
  • Minter & Richter Custom Sizing Program. Avoid the hassle of going to a jeweler and enjoy the benefit of knowing you will get an accurate fit the first time around!

How To Tell Ring Size - Width Matters!

Keep in mind that the width of your titanium ring is going to factor into the ring sizing. While a standard band is usually around 6mm, anything wider than 7mm will fit more snugly, so you would want to adjust accordingly and go a quarter or half size up. When in doubt, consult a professional jeweler for ring sizing– they are often happy accomplices in the quest for the perfect titanium ring.


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