Everything You Need to Know: Titanium Wedding Band Care

Everything You Need to Know: Titanium Wedding Band Care

When it comes to wedding bandstitanium is one of the strongest and longest-lasting metals around. But like any good marriage, a titanium wedding band will need love and care to keep it shining as bright as the day it was put around your finger.

Your level of activity and wearing habits will dictate when and how often your ring may need to be cleaned or polished. The finish treatment, color, and inlay material of your ring will determine which method you should use. If you prefer to leave ring care in the hands of the professionals, consider our Lifetime Care Options.

Our custom blend, organic Band Balm is suitable for all ring types and is especially recommended for keeping wooden wedding rings polished and protected.

How To Clean Wedding Rings - Titanium

titanium wedding band care

Cleaning Titanium:

It is likely that you already have on hand the common household cleaning materials needed to clean your titanium wedding band. Liquid dish soap can remove any dirt and grease build up, and an ammonia glass cleaner can be used for shine. Wash and dry your titanium wedding band with a soft towel or lint-free cloth.

Polishing Titanium:

Apply Band Balm to your titanium wedding band with a Q-tip or lint-free cloth. Use a damp cloth to remove any excess balm residue. For titanium wedding bands with a satin or brushed finish, use a fine nylon pad (available at most auto care stores) to restore the soft look of the finish. Avoid scrubbing any surface of the titanium wedding band that has anodized color, as it will take the color right off.

How To Clean Wedding Rings - Wood

titanium wedding band care

Cleaning Rings with Wood Inlays:

A wooden wedding ring can be cleaned using a damp cloth and vegetable or mineral oil. Applying Band Balm will offer added protection to your wooden wedding rings. Band Balm should be applied across the entire surface of the ring with a Q-tip or lint-free cloth. If your ring has wood on the interior, Band Balm should be applied more often and you should avoid prolonged exposure of the ring to water.

How to Clean Wedding Rings- Anodized Titanium

 titanium wedding band care

Cleaning Anodized Rings:

Skin oils, soap residue, and other contaminants leave a film that can cause the anodized coloring on your titanium wedding ring to look dull. Revive your titanium wedding ring by soaking it in glass cleaner for 3 minutes, then rinsing in warm water before allowing to air dry. Repeat the cleaning process if necessary. Remember never to wash anodized titanium wedding rings with cleaners containing abrasives.

A Note about New Rings:

Don't be alarmed if your new ring accumulates surface scratches and scuffs from everyday wear. These can appear particularly evident on a freshly polished ring, but over time the ring will develop a natural, even, satin patina over its entire surface.

Lifetime Care Options:

Give your titanium wedding ring some extra TLC with our  Gold, or Titanium Lifetime Care Options. Let us professionally buff, clean, and polish your ring in our shop. If it needs a color touch-up, we will re-anodize it to be as bright as the day you got it!


All our titanium rings are handcrafted in Boston, MA and come with lifetime care options to keep your rings protected and looking beautiful. Put the love in your ring and ring in your love at  www.MinterandRichterDesigns.com.



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