Unique New England Wedding Venues to Match Your Wedding Rings

Unique New England Wedding Venues to Match Your Wedding Rings

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New England may be known for its classic white steeples, but when it comes to wedding venues there are many unique choices to explore! From rugged, coastal shores to historic hamlets, modern art enclaves, and beautiful Boston, there’s a perfect backdrop ready for any couple eager to tie the knot.

We thought it would be a fun exercise to pair some of our titanium wedding rings with unique New England wedding venues that ‘match’ in materials, style, and design. Check out our selection below and maybe even suggest one of your own!



A prehistoric vibe at Boston’s Museum of Science!

Wedding Ring: Over Moon and Sky Meteorite

Venue: Museum of Science, Boston, MA

Capture a kiss inside the space shuttle, let a life size T-Rex join your wedding party-- Boston’s Museum of Science has all the props you need to geek out on love and light years.

Our meteorite wedding rings would fit right in at the Museum of Science, because while they have a silver-flash futuristic look, they actually contain bits of isotope estimated to be over 4 billion years old!

Museum of Science

1 Science Park, Boston

(617) 723-2500; MOS.org

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A breathtaking outdoor sanctuary suits our wooden wedding rings!

Wedding Ring: Amour - Wood Inlay Rings

Venue: Cathedral of the Pines, Rindge, NH

A scenic outdoor sanctuary, Cathedral of the Pines offers a panoramic view of Mt.Monadnock and the beautiful New Hampshire woods. The Cathedral started as one couple’s family memorial to a son lost in WWII, and has now become a popular gathering place for memorials and celebrations for all faiths.

Our wooden wedding rings would fit right in at Cathedral of the Pines with their warm glow and rustic charm!

Cathedral of the Pines

Rindge, NH

603-899-3300; info@cathedralofthepines.org

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Bright resin wedding rings make a bold statement beside contemporary art!

Wedding Ring: Avec Tu

Venue: MassMOCA, North Adams, MA

MASS MOCA offers a dramatic and creative space to host a wedding in the Berkshires – both indoors and outdoors. The 19th-century renovated factory setting is home to an ever-changing collection of exciting contemporary art, providing a unique atmosphere and allowing you to customize the space to fit your own vision.

With their bold blue on black high-contrast, our Avec Tu wedding rings would fit right in with the bright, quirky contemporary art at MassMOCA!


North Adams, MA

(413) 664-4481, massmoca.org

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Our concrete wedding rings capture the spirit of early American innovation!

Wedding Ring: Bed Rock Beauty

Venue: Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation, Waltham, MA

Built in 1814, the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation is recognized as the country’s first factory. It once produced textiles and watches and now showcases steam-powered machinery and such from that past.

Our concrete wedding rings would fit right in with the wood floors, exposed brick walls, and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Charles River! A sweet spot for couples who groove on industrial chic, steampunk vibes.

Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation

Waltham, MA

781-893-5410, charlesrivermuseum.org

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