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We offer a number of supporting services for your titanium ring purchase. We know pre-wedding planning can be stressful, so we came up with extra services to make it as easy on you as humanly possible.

Manufacturing Options / Rush Service - You can opt to cut your wait time in half with a standard Rush Order or, if you feel really under the gun for time, pick our Shotgun Rush Order which ships in 10-14 business days!  Please be sure to let us know your wedding date and latest-must-have-by-date for either of these options.

engraving optionsEngraving Service - The interior engraving phrase really is the cherry on top, isn’t it?  Perhaps just a wedding date and initials.  Or maybe you want something even more intimate. Let us know the phrase that will make both of your heart’s swoon and we will put it on your rings.

titanium ring gift certificateGift Certificates - Perfect gift for any occasion.  Many people actually propose with the Gift Certificate!  See our Instagram page :)!

custom ring sizersCustom Ring Sizers - Walk in/factory jewelry stores unfortunately do not size accurately as they use factory made sizers and do not accommodate for width or sizing fluctuation.  But we have solved that problem as well!  We are happy to send you a set of three sizes around your approximate size and at your chosen width for you to wear around until you are sure of your size.  We strongly suggest this option for any ring purchase.  

titanium ring lifetime careLifetime Care Options - We are all harder on our hands than we realize, but we understand that and are here for you on that end as well.  We offer Lifetime Care Options in a range of three levels - Silver, Gold and Titanium! - that are here to let you rest easy in the knowledge that your ring is covered no matter what.


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