Whiskey Barrel Wedding Rings

Whiskey Barrel Wedding Rings

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Whiskey Barrel Wedding Rings

There’s no denying the alluring connection between whiskey and love  Both get better as they age and both need space to grow and develop.  With that in mind, it is no surprise that whiskey barrel has grown into such a popular choice for a wedding ring inlay for both men and women.  It doesn’t hurt that the whiskey barrel wood is absolutely beautiful as well.

While we can use any whiskey barrel wood you like, we tend to keep it local by supporting our neighbor Bully Boy Distillers in Boston.  The Willis brothers over at Bully Boy have spent their lives mastering the art of distilling and we have spent ours mastering the art of ring making – so it is a match made in heaven!  But if you are looking for any other bourbon barrel rings, we are happy to oblige.

Each plank of wood is quarter sawn by us for that beautiful spiral we all look for in a genuine whiskey barrel wedding ring.  So, whether you want to keep your whiskey habit on the down low with an interior overlay or interior inlay of barrel wood or want to show the world with a wide exterior inlay of whiskey wood, we have you covered.  Some folks even like to combine their whiskey wood with sand from their favorite beach on which to imbibe!  And what could be cooler than combining the old with the new – aged whiskey barrel with modern sleek black carbon fiber?!

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