In-Person Ring Consultations at our Minter + Richter Mini-Mansion

In-Person Ring Consultations at our Minter + Richter Mini-Mansion

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While most of our Ring Consultations happen via email or Zoom, we are especially pleased that we get to meet so many couples in person every single day for our In-Person Ring Consultations. To set up an appointment, simply email or call 617-326-6671.  Our In-Person Ring Consultations have become so popular that we have divided them into THREE TYPES so that you can find the perfect type for you!  

All our In-Person Ring Consultations start at our Minter + Richter Mini-Mansion in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, just minutes from downtown.  We will provide non-alcoholic drinks, but if you would like to bring some beer, wine or celebratory champagne, you are welcome!


Type 1 - Design and Go!

Our Design and Go Ring Consultations are free of charge and generally last about an hour, but how long it lasts is up to you.  We will never rush you, but will spend all the time you need helping you figure out the perfect design for your ring or set of rings.  Once you arrive for your appointment, we will discuss your design ideas, look over hundreds of samples of rings as well as raw inlay materials, figure out your perfect size and width and generally just keep hashing it out until we land on the very perfect wedding ring for you!  Your rings will be ready to ship one month later . . . or in less time if you need a Rush Order!


Type 2 - Design, Tour the Shop and

Meet Your Maker!


Happily, this is one time when "meet your maker" doesn't mean you die.  This pumped up Ring Design Session takes about 3 hours and is for the person who is interested not only in designing, but also in touring our machine shop where we make the rings as well as getting to meet Scott Richter, who is the sole artist and maker of all our rings.  Unlike many ring making companies, we are not a factory filled with shop-workers.  Instead, each and every ring is made by Master Craftsman, Scott Richter.  After we design the rings together in the Minter + Richter Mini Mansion (see Type 1 above for details), you will head over to our shop, which is in the Old Rum Distillery in South Boston, 3 miles away.  Scott will be there waiting for you and will take you in to show you how your rings will be made and to answer any other in-depth questions you may have about the process.  On top of all that, Scott will make one ring (not of your design, as that would take too long) for one of you to keep as a souvenir at your custom size and width.  This way, you can really get an understanding for the making process and leave with a gift to boot.

Scott Richter in our Ring Making Shop in South Boston, MA

Fun Couples in the shop!

 Type 3 - Design, Tour the Shop and Crash!

($60pp plus seasonal price of room)

Our third type of Ring Consultation is for the couple that wants it all!  It is a combination of 1 and 2, plus a bed to rest your weary head after a day of designing.  Boston is such a fun town that you may decide you want to make a romantic overnight or weekend out of it.  Most people do.  This is by far our most popular combo.  And we have three gorgeous bedrooms in our Minter + Richter Mini Mansion to choose from!  Our Front Room, Our Back Room and our 3rd Floor Suite!





We look forward to hearing from you!  Give us a call at 617-326-6671 or email us at to set up an In-Person Ring Consultation as soon as you can.   



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