Got a Secret?  Keep it Inside! - How To Hide Secrets in your Wedding Ring

Got a Secret? Keep it Inside! - How To Hide Secrets in your Wedding Ring

Keep a secret on the inside of your wedding ring!

We get it.  Maybe you’ve got a super serious job or just like to keep things private.  You can’t be showing your freaky self to the world at large all day every day.  Some things are just best kept between you and the person you love the most.  The good news is Minter + Richter wedding rings can keep your secrets for you! Let the world see you as smooth, cool and sleek on the outside!  They don’t need to know the truth – that you are a swirling electric ocean of mad desire on the inside.

That is exactly why we invented the design concept of “Interior Inlay” and Interior Overlay”.  Whatever your secret is, we can hide it on the interior of your wedding ring.  Perhaps a lock of her hair?  Or maybe a drop of his blood? Anything you can think of can be buried beneath your inlay material.  Or maybe you want a secret color on the interior to remind you of your favorite thing.  Perhaps a little splash of Blue Box Elder to mimic her eyes when she sleepily rolls over in the morning?  Keep an entire Private Universe to yourself.

Whatever you would like to privately remember as you go about your day, we can hide it within your ring.


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