A Comprehensive Wedding Planning Checklist - including having us make your rings!

A Comprehensive Wedding Planning Checklist - including having us make your rings!

Your entire To Do List is right here.  When to start thinking about rings.  When to send us any personal materials.  When and how to get sized.  Plus a few other helpful hints.

joe dolen photograhy for main pic

We have noticed that many people get engaged about 1 year before their wedding.  Most of us want to get married sooner than a year, but once we start looking into wedding locations and the plans of our extended family, that date starts to get pushed out a bit.  But don't worry about that too much.  There is lots to do and the year will fly by! 
It certainly does not take Minter & Richter Designs an entire year to make your wedding rings.  For a NON rush order, we ship one month after purchase.  But there are things you may want to do to prepare for ordering your ring.  If you are incorporating sand from the beach you got engaged upon or met on, you may need some extra time to get that beach sand shipped to us.  If we are stabilizing personal wood of your's to be inlayed into your ring, we need about 3 months to do that.  Or maybe you know you want to design with us in person or over zoom.  You may want to book that appointment in advance so you have plenty of time.


12 Months Until Wedding

Start looking at Minter + Richter Designs website to get your creative juices flowing.

When your options are limitless, as they are with us, it can take some time to narrow down your choices and make sure you are picking something you truly love.  Whether your rings are going to be more on the simpler side of  things or wilder side of things, a lot of consideration goes into figuring out which is best for you.
Brushed Wedding ring set from minter and richter designs
Moose off Maine Antler wedding ring set

Book your wedding ceremony and reception venues.

Wedding Ceremony locations are often a source for rocks, sand or wood that you may want to incorporate into your rings.  If you think it would be fun to carry a bit of the earth you married upon with you for the rest of your days, be sure to grab at least a cup of materials to send to us so that we can go through it for the best pieces/grains. The Customer below got married on Vik Beach in Iceland so he sent us sand to make his wedding ring.

man gathering sand from Vik Beach Iceland so that his wedding rings can be made out of the sand

Minter + Richter Customer Gathering Sand from Vik Beach in Iceland for his ring.

icelandic beach sand wedding ring

Icelandic Heart by Minter and Richter Designs

Double check that both wedding venue locations can hold the number of guests you'd like to invite. Before booking, find out if the venue requires you use only their approved vendors. If not, find out if there are any requirements for outside vendors.


Choose your wedding party.

Will you have a maid of honor and best man? What about bridesmaids and groomsmen? Flower girl? Ushers? Discuss what you want with your partner, then invite your nearest and dearest to join you and yours.  These are also good people to lean on to source materials for your wedding rings.  If they live near the spot you need beach sand from, hit them up for their first wedding party favor to you.  Have them go to the spot and ship us one cup of sand to the below address:

Minter + Richter Designs

2 Ainsley Street

Boston, MA 02122


Research wedding vendors.

We're talking entertainment, caterers, florists, photographers, everything. It's time to get an idea of who will help create your wedding day vision. Start compiling lists for outreach.


Schedule tastings with caterers.

Decide who's hosting (and paying).

For any wedding, it's crucial to have the budget talk as early as possible. It's an old tradition for the groom's family to host the wedding. In fact, many young couples are contributing to their wedding budget, making it work in a way that's more equally-distributed.  Often couples will arrange for someone else to gift their wedding rings to them.  If you want us to invoice a third party, just let us know.  We are happy to do so.


Schedule appointments to try on wedding attire.

Whether you're looking for your dream wedding dress, gown, or suit, pull several inspiration photos and bring them with you to your appointments. It'll help to focus your session.  What is the color theme of your wedding?  Do you think you will want to incorporate those same colors into your wedding rings? Purples and Greens and Blacks and Blues are all common colors for weddings that also look beautiful in rings.

Deep Purple Fjord and Viking Night Wedding Ring Set



Jade Wedding rings by minter and richter designs

Jade Sea


Blue and Black Wedding rings by minter and richter designs

 The Pilot and the Flight Attendant


Think about who you might want to officiate your wedding.

Your officiant can be a mutual friend of you and your spouse-to-be, a family member, or a religious figure. Whoever feels right to you and your fiance. Just make sure they're certified in the state you're getting married in.


Take some engagement photos.

If you end up doing a shoot, try a few locations and outfits for some variation. We know you'll both look great.  Don't forget to think about grabbing personal materials from this location to inlay into your wedding rings.


Book accommodations for your guests.

Couples often reserve rooms with different bed sizes, so guests have options. Once you secure your hotel blocks, you can easily share where-to-stay details on your wedding website or message all your guests with our free guest list manager.


Book your wedding photographer.

Ask the photographer if you can provide a shot list so you capture every moment.  Ask to see their images of wedding rings they have taken in the past.  You want great shots of just the rings as well, so be sure they know how to shoot things other than people and dogs.

Wedding Rings on hands

 Wooded Cove Wedding Rings on hands


Work on your save the dates.

Canva is a great site for this!


8-10 Months Until Wedding

You're on a roll. Still a ways to go, but this is fun, right?


Meet with your officiant.

Discuss the structure of your wedding ceremony and any readings you'd like to include.


Book your wedding band and/or DJ.

This may seem ahead of schedule, but the good ones always go early, so we recommend finalizing your entertainment now. Once you choose your music, you'll likely be tasked with coming up with a list of must-hear songs, another list of absolutely-do-not-play songs, and a list of nice-to-hear-but-not-necessary songs.


Try on wedding gowns, dresses, or suits.

It's helpful to have multiple undergarments and shoes options so you're ready to try on any option.

Research invitation options.

Send printed invites or digital ones—the choice is yours! If you go printed, now's a good time to think about enclosure cards, RSVP cards, and any other wedding paper you might need.


Think about your wedding hashtag.

Make sure to follow @minter_richterdesigns on Instagram and then DM us your handle and wedding hashtag so that we can tag you when we are making your rings.  It is fun to get to see them in advance.  Make your wedding hashtag as direct or as creative as you'd like—just try to make it easy to memorize so that your guests use it correctly throughout the weekend. While not necessary, a wedding hashtag is a great way to quickly find all of the photos your family and friends take.


5-8 Months Until Wedding

Pick out wedding rings.

Now is the time to finalize your order with us.  Once you do that, we will ship you the custom sizers.  Below is the information we would need from you in order to make an invoice for you.

Ring A - ____________________________ (name or description of ring – or name of ring on website you are basing your design upon))

apx. size - __________ (we would base your sizers around this size.  Custom Sizers are highly recommended, see below in signature for info.)

width - __________ mm

Finish on metal - _______________________ (satin?  Sandblasted?  Mirror?)

Shape of edges - __________________________ (rounded?  Flat?  Pinstriped?)

Any interior anodizing?  If so, what color? - ___________________ (blue, green, bronze, sunset, pink, purple)

engraving phrase - _____________________________________________ (if desired)


Ring B - _________________________________ (description of ring – or NAME OF RING on our website you are basing your design upon))))

apx. size – _____________ (we would base your sizers around this size.  Custom Sizers are highly recommended, see below in signature for info.)

width – _____________mm

Finish on metal - _______________________ (satin?  Sandblasted?  Mirror?)

Shape of edges - __________________________ (rounded?  Flat?  Pinstriped?)

Any interior anodizing?  If so, what color? - ___________________ (blue, green, bronze, sunset, pink, purple)

engraving phrase - __________________________________________ (if desired)

Instagram Handle - ______________________ (Do you want to get tagged with a pic of the ring while we are making it?)

Wedding hashtag - ___________________________

wedding date - _________________________

latest must have by date - __________________

Do you want a Lifetime Care Option?  If so, which level? _________________ (STANDARD Level, PREMIUM Level – see below in signature for info.)

Full STREET shipping address - ______________________________________________





Covers all damage for life

Covers a onetime free re-make should you ever lose your ring.

Not available for Meteorite Rings

Unless waived for special circumstances, must be purchased as part of original transaction.

Includes return shipping



Covers all damage for life

Does not cover loss of ring

Includes return shipping


This is the part where you have to juggle a few things at once. You're finalizing some details (invitations! attire!) and still planning others (registry! reception!). It's all coming together.


Research hair stylists, then book a test run.

You can go with different hair stylists and makeup artists or find someone who can do both. Ask about their availability to help with your bridal party, too.

 crazy wedding hair


Meet with florists.

Don't forget to bring your inspiration boards to your appointments.


Look for a makeup artist and schedule a trial.

You can go with different hair stylists and makeup artists or find someone who can do both. Ask about their availability to help with your bridal party, too. You should have a trial to help save time on the big day and settle on your hair and makeup look beforehand. It's a great way to figure out exactly what you want.


Say yes to the wedding gown, dress, or suit.

Try it on one last time to make sure you've found the one. Then before you leave, inquire about the fitting schedule and pricing for alteration (unless it's a perfect fit!).


Start researching bakers and schedule tastings.

Just like for caterers, you'll want to go to these appointments on an empty stomach, too. Don't forget to bring your inspiration board.



Send your save the dates.

More and more couples are saving time (and $$!) by sending their save their dates online. 


Pick out the wedding party's attire.

Remind the wedding party to schedule their fittings, too (they sneak up on you). 


Having an outdoor wedding? Create a plan B in case of bad weather.

It's better to over-prepare for this sort of scenario. You and your fiance will have enough to worry about the day-of!


Research and book your videographer.

Look at each videographer's reel to see if their aesthetic appeals to you. Capturing footage at your wedding can be quite intimate, so meet with your favorites to find out if it's a good personality match, too.


Finalize your florist and flowers.

Bouquets, boutonnieres and arrangements, oh my!


Start thinking about where you'd like to honeymoon!

Remember: Your honeymoon is about what you will enjoy doing together most. It isn't about what pictures you'll be able to post on Instagram.

3-5 Months Until Wedding

Ring Size Decision time! Now is a good time to let Minter and Richter Designs know the final size and width you chose from our Custom Sizers, which we sent to you right after you purchased your rings.  Either email us at sales@minterandrichterdesigns.com with your size choices or simply fill in the card we enclosed in the pre-paid return mailer.  Once we receive those sizers back, we will be good to go and can get started on the rings you designed.  If you are sending us personal material, you can include it in with the sizers in the pre-paid mailer.


Choose your wedding invitation design.

It's always a good idea to test the paper, printing, and colors before sending your invitations. 


Book your baker.

Make sure there's a wedding cake delivery plan in place. Find out if your baker expects a tip upon delivery, too. 


Book your wedding day hair stylist.

Ask your stylist for any tips to prepare. Most recommend washing your hair the day before the wedding and avoiding any big hair decisions in the months leading up to it.


Book your wedding day makeup artist.

When you're booking, make sure they'll be available at your wedding location and find someone who makes you feel good. Look for a makeup artist who will start you off in a great mood.


Decide if you'd like to book musicians for your ceremony.

Live music always adds a personal touch.


Book your honeymoon!

If you plan on going away right after the wedding, it's ideal to have all honeymoon flights and hotels booked by now. Be sure to ask the hotel if they offer any complimentary honeymoon package—you never know, they may at least put some champagne in your room!


Book your rehearsal dinner venue.

You can order paper invitations for this event or send an evite by messaging all of the guests from your guest list. 


Order your wedding invitations.

Just like the save the dates the general rule of thumb is one invitation per household. But order 10-15% more envelopes in case of addressing mistakes. You can export a file with all of your guests' addresses to hand off to your calligrapher or paper service.


Book the venues for additional events during the weekend.

A wedding weekend can include a welcome gathering of some kind, a rehearsal dinner, the ceremony and reception, and a farewell breakfast.  Don't forget you'll also need to organize any menus or decor for these events, too.


Book your group transportation.

Shuttles, buses, limos... make sure they're all ready for the big day.


2 Months Until Wedding

The final begins.

Address and send your invitations.

We recommend mailing your invites no later than six weeks before your wedding date. 


Start organizing a welcome bag for guests.

While this isn't a requirement, guests love to be surprised with snacks, activity recommendations, and a note from the couple when they check in to their hotel.


Buy bridal accessories.

Shoes, jewelry, undergarments... now's the time to complete the look.


Bridal alert: Attend first fitting.

Don't forget: You have multiple fittings. So if it's not perfect today, it WILL be!


Start collecting RSVPs.

Once you know exactly who is coming, you can start planning seating.


Confirm date, time, and location with all wedding vendors.

Make sure they know where to show up and when.


Think about gifts for your wedding party.

Couples frequently gift these at the rehearsal dinner. Sometimes the gift is something the wedding party can wear or use the day of the wedding.  At Minter and Richter Designs, we often make pendants for the bridesmaids out of one or more of the materials in the wedding rings.

pendant by minter and richter designs

pendant by minter and richter designs

pendant by minter and richter designs


Meet with your officiant and start thinking about your vows.

Discuss how you'd like the ceremony to go and any passages, readings, or performances you'd like to be said. This is also good time to begin thinking about whether or not you and your partner would like to write your own vows.


1 Month Until Wedding

Home stretch. It's confirm, finalize, and get ready to get married season.


Assemble RSVPs.

If you need to remind guests to respond, we recommend waiting one to two weeks after your RSVP deadline to do so. 


Confirm menus for all events.

While you're at it, consider showing guests your meal options on gorgeous menu cards that match your invitation suite.


Create a seating chart and start organizing it.

While you can't really assign seats until you have most of your RSVPs, you can at least start thinking about the layout of the reception venue and generally where you'd like certain friends and family to be.


Order paper goods for the big day.

Think ceremony programs, menu cards, table numbers, escort cards, and place cards.


Bridal alert: attend second fitting.

We know you'll look great.


Order thank-you cards.

Nothing beats a handwritten thank you. Make sure to complete them within 3 months of the big day.


Apply for and get your marriage license.

Research the laws of the specific state where you're having your wedding before applying. Then go get it!


Develop a wedding day timeline.

When it comes to this list, there's no such thing as too much information. In your wedding day timeline, include each vendor's ETA along with their contact information and assign family or wedding party members to help with certain tasks. Then print it out when finished and send it to all of your vendors.


Confirm the shot list with your photographer.

Try to think of every variation you want, so that you reserve enough time on the big day.


Finalize wedding payments for all vendors.

Pro Tip: Leave some cash aside for vendors' tips and mark each bundle with who it's going to. A family member or someone in your wedding party can help take care of this for you.


Confirm the run of show for your ceremony.

Touch base with your wedding officiant and any other people involved in the service. You'll be able to make some changes during your rehearsal, too.

Wedding Day and Beyond

Congratulations! You made it, you're married, you're done with your wedding checklist. That was easy.

Get married!!!!!

Our biggest and most heartfelt congratulations to you and yours! Cut up a rug for us.



It's all happening.



Ahhh... now you can breathe. You did it!

Enjoy life as newlyweds.

Thank you for letting us make your wedding rings.  And don't forget to tag us on Instagram on your wedding day.  It means so much to us to get to see our rings doing their job! #doyourjob

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