Personalize Your Titanium Wedding Ring

Our unique, custom ring designs are only the beginning. After making your selection, use our Love in Your Ring Wizard to make your ring truly your own.

Four Ways to Personalize Your Ring

Titanium Finish Options

  • Mirror Finish - Our shiniest, brightest titanium finish.
  • Satin Finish - Slightly matte with a small amount of shine
  • Glass Bead Blast - Hyper Matte
  • Sandblasted - Our darkest finish.  Smooth to the touch and the darkest gray titanium can be.
  • Wire Wheeled Finish - Uniform speckled grain finish. Textured, but smooth to touch.

Interior Anodizing Options

Though the anodized color on the interior and in the grooves on some of our rings may appear to be a separate material, it is not. Anodizing is a finish, not a material and so can wear like any finish on any piece of jewelry. To provide maximum protection against wear, we often anodize on the interior of the ring or in a groove or pinstripe. We are also always happy to re-anodize bands.

The available anodized color options are:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Sunset
  • Bronze


Add up to 30 characters onto the titanium interior of your ring. Rings with an interior overlay or inlay of other material cannot be engraved. The default font for engraving is Cambria. If you would like a particular font, design or symbol for your engraving, please be sure to upload a high resolution (at least 300 dpi) jpeg of your engraving phrase or design. Learn more about Engraving here.

Personalized Inlays

You can incorporate your own personal stone, object or wood to add even more meaning, depth and symbolism to your wedding rings. Learn more about Personalized Inlays here.

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