Concrete Titanium Wedding Rings
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Concrete Titanium Wedding Rings

                                                     Gotcha Concrete Ring       Being in love beckons us to be spontaneous. Some of us are perfectly fine with getting traditional wedding rings, but a growing number of couples are opting for unique rings to exchange vows with their significant other. Many of our happy couples come to us excitedly seeking our concrete and titanium wedding bands.     Truth Concrete Rings      Wedding rings are used to signify a solid commitment to someone you love. Concrete is a fitting material that we love making our custom titanium rings with, here at Minter & Richter Designs. Our in-house, concrete specialist, Elisavet, can customize your concrete wedding band with personal material. Concrete takes to a variety of colors, from black, red, blue, and many other dyes.   Night Sky Concrete Rings  Whatever your decision, we hope you love it! For more ideas about concrete and titanium styles, check out our Concrete Collection.        

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