I am Titanium: Scott Richter's Journey from Custom Knives to Titanium Rings
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I am Titanium: Scott Richter's Journey from Custom Knives to Titanium Rings

Rumor has it that the man behind our titanium rings has a secret past...                                                                                                                               Scott sands a titanium ring on the lathe (Fall 2011)                           Scott's knives as featured on Knife Legends (1999). Scott became fascinated by custom knives as a teen and quickly made them his personal study.  Beginning with only the most rudimentary of tools -- a file and hacksaw -- he took on the challenge of creating a fully functioning folding knife.               Scott's 1st knife, made at Age 13 (black resin, stainless steel) and 3rd knife (California Buckeye, titanium). He sold the second one at a knife show for $20. Working in a Boston knife shop, Scott continued to hone his craft and acquire the sophisticated machinery which would allow his obsession to truly flourish.                         "Making knives is a natural response to an ancient impulse." - Scott Richter                                                                                                               "Knives divide THIS from THAT...Knives allow man to make the world he wants out of the world he has." - Scott Richter Above is an example of the intricately carved and colored folding knife that became his trademark style with partner Romas Banaitis. Using titanium, aluminum, Damascus steel and colored anodizing for special effects, the pair acquired a small, but loyal following for their work. Several of their knives were featured in the limited edition volumes of "Knives: Point of Interest" and on the custom knives site Knife Legends. Carrying such names as "The Ancus", "Spawn" and "Atlantis", their knives present folding and dual acting blades, titanium scales, and intricate carving.                                                                                               From knives to pen sets, earrings, boxes, groomsmen gifts and wedding rings, Scott has engineered and shaped titanium into the utilitarian, fantastic, and beautiful.

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