Antler Wedding Rings - Naturally Shed

Antler Wedding Rings - Naturally Shed

We receive daily inquiries for ways to incorporate Antler into wedding rings and we are thrilled to oblige.  While Moose Antler is definitely our most popular, we also often make rings with Elk Antler and Deer Antler.  

We receive daily inquiries for ways to incorporate Antler into our wedding rings and we are thrilled to oblige.  While Moose Antler is definitely our most popular, we also often make rings with Elk Antler and Deer Antler.  

Does Moose Antler Vary?

Certainly!  But that is part of what makes it so deliriously beautiful.  Just as every cut of wood is different from the next, so is every cut of Moose Antler.  In general, Moose Antler has a creamy base with striations that range from light brown to almost charcoal or black.  If you have a preference, you only need to let us know.  While of course we cannot guarantee the exact amount or tone, we are happy to look for pieces that are in your range of preference.


Can I Send in My Own Antler?

You bet!  We are happy to use personal antler that you found on a walk in the forest or perhaps was left for you as a gift in your yard by some Bull Moose who found himself done with dating and looking forward to a year of single life.  There are two ways we can use your personal Antler.  We can either grind it up as aggregate into a concrete inlay so that the pieces of Antler will show through, as you see in Moose Under Starry Sky or Miner Set.  Or, we can simply inlay your ring with your Antler.  In order for your personal Antler to work as an inlay, it needs to be around 1.25 x 1.25 x 4-6 inches.  You can always send it to us to check it out beforehand as well, we are happy to return it if it is not usable. 

Since we are in New England, we receive a lot of personal Antler every year and truly love working with it in our Ring Making Machine Shop.  As you turn the Antler on the lathe, the entire shop fills with the scent of the back woods and swamps of Maine and Canada, which is super fun for us.

Scott Turning Moose Antler on the Lathe


What is the Difference Between Antler and Horn?

Both Antler and Horn are durable enough to make wonderful inlays in your wedding ring.  Other than color, the only real difference is that Antler is naturally shed after mating, while Horn is never shed and continues to grow on the animal throughout his entire life.  After animals such as Water Buffalo, Bison and Sheep pass away, they leave their horns behind for us to remember them with.  Another beautiful gift.


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