5 Unique Proposal Ideas for the Hopeless Romantic

5 Unique Proposal Ideas for the Hopeless Romantic

We have narrowed our favorite wedding Unique Proposal Ideas down to the top five!  All include destinations from which you can grab materials to use in your future Minter + Richter Designs wedding rings.

Unique Proposal Ideas


As you can imagine, we are huge fans of marriage proposals here at Minter + Richter Designs and we especially love Unique Proposal Ideas.  Once a proposal happens, it's time to start making the wedding rings - and that's our vibe.   Just as every couple is different from the next, so is every proposal.  From flamboyant and outrageous engagements to subtle and quiet, proposals run the gamut from public to private the world over. Here is a list of our personal faves for Unique Proposal Ideas.



Over the past 25 years, we have been lucky enough to get to be a small part of many different Unique Proposal Ideas.  Sometimes couples are super casual and just decide together to get engaged while designing their wedding rings in our studio.

Couple getting engaged in the Minter + Richter Designs Studio

Spur of the moment proposal in the Minter + Richter Ring Shop - Unique Proposal Ideas



Woman proposing to man in Minter + Richter Designs Shop

Unique Proposal Ideas


two women proposing to one another in Minter + Richter Designs Shop

Unique Proposal Ideas


Sometimes the groom will meet with me way in advance to plan the perfect Unique Proposal Idea just as Tim did for his Michele.  He called me a month or so prior to book a room in our Minter + Richter Mini Mansion and to brainstorm on ideas to make the proposal a super romantic surprise for his wife-to-be. 

Romantic Room in Minter + Richter Mini Mansion

One of our fabulous rooms for couples designing their rings with us - Unique Proposal Ideas

In the end, he simply asked her to drive up to Boston with him because he "had a work meeting" and so she tagged along oblivious to the romance that awaited her.  He also secretly arranged for all their friends from their church to come up in a big bus from NYC so that they could witness the proposal.  He pretended our Minter + Richter Mini Mansion was just a random Airbnb.  The next morning, she was surprised with a champagne breakfast and a morning of ring designing. 

Couple Designing Their Wedding Rings

Tim & Michele designing their wedding rings, even though she doesn't know it!  The proposal hasn't even happened yet! - Unique Proposal Ideas


Little did she know that the rings they were designing would eventually be their wedding rings as Tim and I just pretended they were fun promise rings, nothing too serious.  

Champagne Proposal at Minter + Richter Designs

Champagne Surprise Proposal Weekend at the Minter + Richter Mini Mansion - Unique Proposal Ideas


Once the champagne was gone and the rings were designed, we all headed over to the Minter + Richter Shop where Scott makes all the wedding rings.  As Scott gave them a tour of the shop and showed them both how their rings would eventually be made, I was upstairs in the gallery getting her friend's secretly organized for the surprise proposal.  Scott had to do an improv knife demonstration as a time filler as I was taking so long getting their friends together.

Couple getting a tour of our Minter + Richter Ring Shop

Ring Maker Scott trying to keep Tim & Michele distracted while I arrange their friends upstairs for the big surprise.  I think Michele is thinking "why on earth am I getting a random lesson on knife sharpening?" - Unique Proposal Ideas


A few minutes later, Michele walked into the upstairs art gallery only to see all her favorite friends!  Confused, she turned around to see that Tom was on his knees with flowers and an engagement ring!

hugging couple

Big hug after Michele says YES! - Unique Proposal Ideas


Lots of cheers from friends followed as well as lots of tears from Michele.  Then all their beautiful friends gathered around the newly engaged couple and blessed them with a prayer.

Woman crying with flowers after proposal

Michele with her new engagement ring!  Wedding Rings conveniently already designed! - Unique Proposal Ideas


friends praying around couple right after their get engaged

Tim & Michele were being prayed over by their friends right after he proposed. - Unique Proposal Ideas


So as you can see, our favorite proposals happen right here at Minter + Richter Designs.  But we know the whole world can't come here in person, so we do also have four other favorite ideas for unique wedding proposals.  And guess what!  We can still be involved because you can grab materials from the spot you propose and we can incorporate them into your wedding rings!



 You can imagine, we love a good beach proposal!  Everything that makes a beach great for relaxation and reconnection, also makes it great for wedding proposals.  Just don't get so caught up in the romance of the moment that you forget to collect a cup of sand to send to Minter + Richter Designs so we can inlay your wedding rings with that very sand! 

Wedding Rings with Beach Sand Inlaid with wood

Minter + Richter Beach Sand Wedding Rings - Unique Proposal Ideas


You may decide you want to do something pretty casual and just write Marry Me in the sand while your intended isn't looking and then pop the question.  Or you may want to dress it up a bit.

Marry Me in Beach Sand

Unique Proposal Ideas


Beach Marriage Proposals can be quite formal if you are a planner!  Get there ahead of time and set up a picnic for the two of you to chance upon a little bit later in the day.  Or better yet, get a good friend to set it up for you.  Beaches offer plenty of space to get creative with your proposal and make the perfect backdrop for gorgeous engagement photos you will cherish forever. 

Romantic Beach Proposal Tent

Unique Proposal Ideas

Don't forget to bring a baggie with you to grab some of that precious beach sand for your future Beach Sand Wedding Rings.  Even if you decide against having beach sand in your wedding rings, you may decide down the road you want to have us make her a Minter + Richter Beach Sand Pendant out of it for your first anniversary.  

Beach Sand Pendant

Minter + Richter Beach Sand & Larimar stone Pendant - Unique Proposal Ideas

Beaches are a great place for romance.  And choosing a sunset or sunrise hour to propose will not only provide the two of you with more privacy, but will also add to the beauty of your engagment photos.  At Minter + Richter Designs, we can even anodize the interior of your beach sand wedding ring with sunset anodizing so you will always remember the beauty of that day.

Beach Sand Wedding Ring with interior sunset anodizing

Beach Sand Wedding Ring With Sunset Anodizing - Unique Proposal Ideas


Beaches are also a great place to do all the things that go along with a proposal...like kissing!  The wind blowing against your hair, the gentle setting sun on your face, its all just too romantic for words.

Our third favorite place for proposals is any beautiful city park.  Central Park in New York City sees thousands of proposals per year.  You do not have to secure a permit to propose in Central Park unless you want to make sure you have one of the most popular spots empty for the two of you.  But there are so many beautiful locations all across the park, it isn't really necessary.  Some people opt to hire a string quartet to have playing in the background or even an event planner to set up a picnic just for the two of you. 

Proposal in Central Park

Couple engaged in NYC Central Park - Unique Proposal Ideas

For any city park, including Central Park in NYC, it is important to think about lighting.  Parks can get pretty dark at night, so it is generally best to propose when you will have enough hours of lighting for great photo ops.  And then, the most important thing to remember when you propose in a park is to grab a baggie full of rocks, branches, pebbles, sand, and whatever earth materials you can find so that you have it ready to send to us to make your crushed pebbles into your wedding rings.

Crushed rocks and pebbles in a set of wedding rings

Crushed Rocks and Pebbles in a beautiful set of wedding rings - Unique Proposal Ideas


Our fourth favorite place for a proposal is at a ballgame!  Of course, a prerequisite here is that she loves baseball.  Minter + Richter Designs is located in Boston, MA, so we have definitely seen our fair share of proposals at Fenway Park.  The greatest part about proposing at Fenway Park is that for a small fee of $250 you can have the scoreboard do the proposing for you!  Your marriage proposal can appear on the scoreboard at the end of the 5th inning.

Jumbotron Proposal at fenway park

Unique Proposal Ideas


Sharing your excitement with a raucous and celebratory crowd can really make it a day to remember.  The great news is, no matter what ballpark you propose in, Minter + Richter Designs likely has the pitcher mound dirt from that ball park already in stock and can inlay your wedding rings with that gorgeous terracotta baseball dirt.

Wedding Ring with baseball pitcher mound dirt inlay

Wedding Ring Inlaid with Fenway Park Pitcher Mound Dirt - Unique Proposal Ideas


Wedding Ring Set with baseball pitcher mound dirt inlays

Wedding Ring Set inlaid with wood and Fenway Park Pitcher Mound Dirt - Unique Proposal Ideas


Wedding Ring inlayed with baseball pitcher mound dirt

Men's Wedding Ring inlaid with Beach Sand

and Fenway Park Pitcher Mound Dirt - Unique Proposal Ideas


Our 5th and final favorite proposal idea is to make a fabulous trip out of it.  What woman doesn't want to be swept off her feet to some wild, off-the-beaten-track location? We meet couples every day who bring us their rocks from their proposal trips to places like Iceland, Puerto Rico, and Greece - and then we make their wedding rings out of those rocks for them to cherish forever.

Wedding Proposal under the Aurora Borealis in Iceland

Wedding Proposal under the Aurora Borealis in Iceland - Unique Proposal Ideas


Wedding Proposal in Puerto Rico

Wedding Proposal in Puerto Rico - Unique Proposal Ideas


Wedding Proposal in Santorini, Greece

Wedding Proposal in Santorini, Greece - Unique Proposal Ideas


Your proposal is going to be memorable no matter where you get down on one knee, but choosing a locale with a little extra wow-factory can't hurt.  Be sure to reach out to us if you want to set up a proposal party at the Minter & Richter Mini Mansion.  We would be happy to have you!


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