Put A Bow Tie On It

Put A Bow Tie On It

On The Fly Bow Tie

As sun conquers snow and Red Sox players take the field at Fenway for opening day, we're thrilled to debut a brand new product at Minter & Richter: whimsical wood bow ties! From the curled "Mustachioed" to straight shooter "Lucky Arrow" these hipster bow ties are just plain fun.

Win the Game Bow Tie

Our bow ties are lightweight, and easy to attach under the collar with a matte denim-blue ribbon. A great accessory to pair with any of our wooden wedding bands! And they're certainly not just for grooms - dapper dames, dogs - heck, maybe the whole wedding party?!

Whistle and Flute Bow Tie

An inexpensive accessory that immediately adds "smile" to your outfit. Trust us, these whimsical wood bow ties will put a spring in your step for sure!
See our full collection of wood bow ties here.

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