Creative Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Creative Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Hey Groom! Yeah you! Don't pass off the groomsmen gifts to your bride or mother-in-law, they've got enough to do. 


Think of your groomsmen as everyday super heroes. They'll get haircuts, shine up their shoes, don ties and promise to make you laugh so hard you'll be crying at your wedding reception. Sure you are marrying the woman or man of your dreams, but these are the dudes who will enrich your happily ever after with their friendship. Groomsmen gifts don't have to be anything crazy, just a simple gesture (personal and funny are great) is enough to let these guys know how much you appreciate their standing to the occasion of your wedding day.


Minter & Richter have hand-picked a selection of creative groomsmen gift ideas from around the web. You might like them so much you'll have to get one for yourself too!


1) CUSTOM BOBBLEHEAD DOLLS - Who wouldn't want to see their likeness on a bobble-head doll?! You send in the headshots, choose the bodies (superheroes are available!) and they will send you a set of gift dolls. You can get the custom heads on key chains or bottle-openers too and the company makes wedding toppers!




2) HOME STATE CRAFT BEER MUGS - Hometown pride. Have a toast with your groomsmen before the wedding with these 18 oz. custom beer mugs!



3) SWISS ARMY PEN - Be prepared for all of life's little adventures with this nifty Swiss Army pen. This great groomsmen gift will have all of the bridesmaids jealous!





4) CUSTOM KNIFE - A handcrafted Japanese folding knife with a quince wood handle. Gorgeous and utilitarian! This guy knows his knives!


5) LEATHERBOUND JOURNAL - Okay, so most guys you know don't keep a journal but they might if it's as nice looking as these handmade etsy beauties!




Now go and get your gift on!

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