Pillar of Truth

Minter + Richter Titanium Rings

"Fight.  Get beat.  Rise and fight again." - Nathaniel Greene

This ring will see you through it all.  Black and silver Mokume Gane overlays the interior of this bold and manly band.  The exterior inlay of Amboyna wood is book-ended by Carbon Fiber, culminating in a ring that is a perfect blend of old and new, traditional and modern - just like your man.  Pictured at 7.9mm

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Please read about this ring’s exposed edges and why you may want to consider adding an ultra-thin titanium edge for added protection

Although all of the inlay materials we use are either stabilized or reconstituted with a resin for extra durability, bands with exposed edges (no titanium on the sides) require extra TLC and are not recommended for those with active or water-intensive lifestyles.

We are happy to add ultra-thin titanium edges to any ring for added protection. Adding titanium edges is an additional $100. If you would like to order these edges, please select “With Titanium Edge” below before completing the remaining Love in Your Ring Wizard steps.

Many people love the exposed edge style and are able to live with it for life. However, if you should get a band with exposed edges from us and then discover that your lifestyle is rougher on your hands than you realized, you need only to contact us to add a Lifetime Care Option for your ring. At that time, you may also choose to get the ultra-thin titanium edges added.

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