“Love In Your Ring” Wizard Makes Customizing Your Titanium Ring Online Easy!

“Love In Your Ring” Wizard Makes Customizing Your Titanium Ring Online Easy!

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Above the lathe in our machining shop, digital green numbers count upwards, letting Scott measure the exact cut to size and shape a titanium wedding ring. But long before this ring took form from a single billet of titanium, it was constructed in the customer’s imagination.

titanium wedding ring

With the  Love In Your Ring Wizard it’s never been easier to add personal style to your titanium ring. Our newly launched website is designed to put your imagination first!

design your own ring

Using our exclusive Love In Your Ring Wizard, available during the checkout process for all non-sale rings, you can:

design your own ring


  • Change the exterior finish - satin, mirror, sandblasted, vertical stroke, glass bead blasted.
  • Add an interior color - pink, green, blue, bronze
  • Select the edge treatment that appeals to you - rounded, flat, domed, pinstriped
  • Add engraved text or even an engraved design

    We believe that each titanium wedding ring should be unique as the love story behind it. Try out our Love In Your Ring Wizard for yourself today!

    titanium wedding ring

    Check out what our customers are saying about their customized titanium wedding rings here.

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    All of our titanium rings are handcrafted in Boston, MA and come with lifetime care options to keep your rings protected and looking beautiful. Put the love in your ring and ring in your love at https://www.minterandrichterdesigns.com.

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