The Uniqueness of Stone Inlays in Titanium Wedding Bands: A Minter & Richter Designs Special

The Uniqueness of Stone Inlays in Titanium Wedding Bands: A Minter & Richter Designs Special

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There is no better material for bringing a flash of sustainable, durable color to a wedding ring than with stone.  There is such a huge, varied bounty of beautiful stones scattered across planet Earth and we are so grateful for that.  Every stone is different from the next, which in turn makes each ring completely unique.

There are two ways we can use stones in a stone wedding ring:

  1. We can inlay your ring with one or more stones from our vast library of stones.  We have gorgeous stones from all over the world like Onyx, Tibetan Turquoise, Sodalite, Arizona Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Malachite, Egyptian Jade, Imperial Jade . . . the list goes on and on.

Reunited Stone Wedding Ring with Onyx Stone and Jade

Reunited - Onyx Stone and Jade Wedding Stone Ring

        2.  We can crush your personal stone or rock into aggregate in a resin base inlay so that you would see the glimmering bursts of color from your personal stone throughout.

Black Wedding Ring
Bocce - Black Wedding Ring with personal ground Stone Ring

You can even combine stones or wood from the Minter & Richter Designs library with your personal stones by creating a ring with more than one inlay.  Rings like Moon Lava, Vero Beach, and Fool For Love are all great examples of Minter & Richter Designs stones combined with personal stones.

Men's Ring made out of stones and Koa Wood
Drummer Man - Wedding Stone Ring made out of MRD Koa Wood and personal stone material from customer


Imagine walking along a beach, the sand crunching beneath your feet, the waves lapping at the shore. You pick up a small, smooth stone, warmed by the sun, and marvel at its unique patterns and colors. Now, imagine that stone, that very symbol of nature's beauty and strength, dispersed as an inlay in a ring that you wear every day. A ring that tells your unique love story. That's the magic of stone inlays in titanium wedding bands, a specialty of Minter & Richter Designs.

Wedding Ring with Costa Rican Sand inlay
Costa Rican Beach Sand and Dinosaur Teeth Wedding Stone Ring - Dinosaurs of Costa Rica

Why Choose Stone Inlays for Your Wedding Band?


Just as no two love stories are the same, no two stones are the same either. Each stone carries its own unique pattern, color, and texture, making your wedding band a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Whether it's the deep, mysterious hues of black onyx or the vibrant, fiery tones of red jasper, each stone tells a different story.

Wild Horse Jasper Stone Wedding Ring

Wild Horse - Stone Wedding Ring - Stone Ring


While any piece of jewelry can get damaged of course, stones are formed over millions of years under intense heat and pressure, making them incredibly durable. When combined with the strength of titanium, these rings are designed to last a lifetime, just like your love.

Wedding Ring Collection

A collection of wedding rings that incorporate stones - Stone Ring


Stones have been used in jewelry for thousands of years, not just for their beauty, but also for their symbolism. For instance, agate is believed to bring balance and harmony, while turquoise is often associated with protection and healing.

Its rough out there!  Protect yourselves with turquoise, folks! - Stone Ring

Most commons stones from the Minter & Richter Stone Library





Black Onyx



Strength, Protection, Wisdom

Red Jasper



Vitality, Passion, Courage

Tibetan Turquoise



Healing, Protection, Prosperity

Lapis Lazuli

Deep Blue


Wisdom, Truth, Power




Transformation, Protection, Love

Tiger's Eye



Balance, Discernment, Vitality




Clear Mindedness, Creativity, Truth








Love, Harmony, Peace

Wild Horse Jasper



Chakra Alignment

Egyptian Jade



Strength of Heart

Imperial Jade



Grounding, Balance, Focus




Intuition, Inspiration, Mood Lifter


Light Blue-White


Clear Communication, Wisdom

The Minter & Richter Designs Difference

Master Craftsman, Scott Richter in his shop

Handcrafted with Love

At Minter & Richter Designs, each Stone Ring is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail by Bladesmith and Master Craftsman, Scott Richter. The stones are carefully selected and shaped to fit perfectly within the titanium band. This is not mass-produced jewelry.  We are real people, not a factory.  Minter and Richter Designs is a labor of love created 25 years ago by Minter and her husband, Scott Richter.  We create unique wedding rings as a  testament to the belief that your wedding band should be as unique as your love story.  


With hundreds of unique materials to choose from, you can truly make your Stone Ring your own. Want a ring with sand from the beach where you first confessed your love? Are you getting married in Iceland?  Honey-mooning in Puerto Rico?  Want to represent your home state with something that your state is well known for like we do for Floridians, Oregonians, Texans and North Carolinians?  Or perhaps you are history buffs who met in a coffee shop!  This ring has both coffee beans and bullet fragments from the Revolutionary War!  Minter & Richter Designs can make it happen.

Wedding Couple

Every couple is unique!  Every wedding ring should be just as unique as every couple! Stone Ring


Minter & Richter Designs is committed to using only the highest quality materials. The titanium used is incredibly strong and lightweight, making it perfect for everyday wear. The stones are sourced from trusted suppliers to ensure they are genuine and of the highest quality.

The Process of Creating Your Unique Stone Ring Inlay Titanium Wedding Band

Hands making a ring
Master Craftsman, Scott Richter making Copper Smackdown Men's Wedding Stone Ring

At Minter & Richter Designs, we believe that the process of creating your wedding band should be as special and unique as the ring itself. Here's a glimpse into how you can use the Minter & Richter Designs Store to start your design process.  The process is the same whether you are using stones from the Minter & Richter library or if you are sending your personal stones to be crushed into an inlay.  Or both!

Step 1: Choosing Your Ring Format - how many inlays would you like?

The first step is to look through the website to discover the ring you like the basic look of.  Perhaps you like one with just one inlay, two inlays, three inlays or more.  Choose your stone. We offer a wide range of stones, each with its own unique beauty and symbolism. You can use any stone you see on any ring in the entire store.  You can choose a stone that holds a special meaning for you, or simply one that you find beautiful.  You can also send us your own stone!

Turquoise Wedding Rings

Stone Ring Wedding Rings with one Turquoise Inlay.  Atlantis


Colorful Wedding Rings

Stone Rings with multiple Inlays - Bright Lion

Step 2: Pick Your Placement.

This is easy if you have just one inlay.  But if you have more than one inlay in your ring format, you may want to decide, for example, which stone is going to be the wide inlay and which will be the narrow.

Icelandic Night Wedding Ring

Icelandic Heart wedding ring shows the stone in the wider inlay - Stone Ring


Icelandic Night Wedding Ring

Icelandic Night Wedding Ring shows the stone in the wider inlay - Stone Ring

Step 3: Inlaying the Stone ring

Once we know the layout of your ring and which stones go where we will begin the process of creating your ring exactly as you desire.  We will meticulously shape the stones you have chosen into each inlay.

Step 4: Finishing Touches for your stone ring

Once the stone is securely inlaid, the ring is polished to a high shine, highlighting the natural beauty of the stone and the sleek, modern look of the titanium. The result is a stunning, one-of-a-kind wedding band that tells your unique love story.

How to Choose the Perfect Stone for Your Wedding Band

Wedding Rings

Customer choosing stones in our studio in Boston, MA

Consider the Symbolism

As mentioned earlier, different stones carry different meanings. Research the symbolism of various stones to find one that resonates with your love story.  Or ask us


Match Your Personal Style

Your wedding band should reflect your personal style. Consider the colors and patterns you're drawn to when choosing your stone for your stone ring.  Go with your gut.  Now is not the time to decide you like hot pink if you have always hated it!



Your wedding band is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of your love and commitment. Why not make it as unique as your love story? With a stone inlay titanium wedding band from Minter & Richter Designs, you can do just that.

So, are you ready to start your journey towards a truly unique wedding band? Visit Minter & Richter Designs today and let your love story be told in stone.

Meteorite Wedding Rings
Meteorite and Stone Wedding Rings - Meteorite So Hot & Midnight Wedding Ring Set

Frequently Asked Questions about Stone Rings

Q1: What types of stones can I choose for my wedding band?

Answer: At Minter & Richter Designs, we offer a wide range of stones, each with its own unique beauty and symbolism. From the deep, mysterious hues of black onyx to the vibrant, white and black tones of wild horse jasper, we have a stone to suit every style and preference.


Q2: Can I send in my own stone for my wedding band?

Answer: Yes, you can! We are happy to use a personal stone that holds a special meaning for you. Any stone, whether whole or crushed, is suitable for use.  In essence, beach sand is nothing more than crushed stone.


Q3: How durable are stone inlay titanium wedding bands?

Answer: Stone inlay titanium wedding bands are incredibly durable. Stones are formed over millions of years under intense heat and pressure, and titanium is one of the strongest and most durable metals available. These rings are designed to last a lifetime.  That does not mean your ring is impossible to damage as any piece of jewelry can get damaged or even lost.  That is why we offer Lifetime Care that covers you for both damage and loss.


Q4: How do I care for my stone inlay titanium wedding band?

Answer: Caring for your stone inlay titanium wedding band is simple. Avoid exposing the ring to harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. Clean the ring gently with a soft cloth and mild soap, and dry it thoroughly after cleaning.  You can also protect it with Band Balm!


Q5: Can I customize my wedding band?

Answer: Absolutely! At Minter & Richter Designs, we believe that your wedding band should be as unique as your love story. You can choose from hundreds of unique materials for your ring - any material you see on any ring in the store or any material you find in the world around you. We can use a personal stone, wood, metal or other material that holds a special meaning for you.  All you have to do is ship it to us after design and purchase of your ring.  Sometimes our clients prefer that their personal material not be visible.  Human ash from a loved one is often buried beneath, for example, a stone inlay like turquoise.  That way, you do not see the ash, but you carry it with you and know that it is there.

Q6: How long does it take to create a custom wedding band?

Answer: As a NON rush order, we ship approximately one month after purchase of the ring.  If you are getting Custom Sizers (which we strongly encourage you to do), then that will add about 10 days to the one month process since we have to ship you the sizers and then you need to wear them around for a bit until you gauge fluctuation and ascertain the perfect size for you.

If that does not work for your time-line, never fear!  We have our Shotgun Rush Order option available.  Rush Order is $125 per ring and means that your order is bumped to the head of the line in front of everyone else and we will make your date, no matter what it is.  We have NEVER missed a date and will not start with yours.  Try finding another company that can honestly make that claim!  We can!


Q7: What if my Stone Ring doesn't fit?

Answer: Nothing is more disappointing than receiving a ring only to discover you were sized incorrectly because you went to a factory jewelry store or used some other factory sizing system.  Walk in jewelry stores size smaller than accurate.  This is why we so strongly suggest Minter & Richter handmade custom sizers.  Our Custom Sizers are handmade and highly calibrated.  On top of that, they cover you for a free sizing exchange should you need that within 30 days of receipt of the ring.  In truth, if you use our Custom Sizers, and you wear them at night and day so that you can gauge fluctuation, it will be easy for you to choose the perfect size for your finger.


Q8: Do you ship internationally?

Answer: Yes, we do! We are happy to bring our unique stone inlay titanium wedding bands to customers around the world. For the past years we have been relying on FedEx and they have not let us down.  Please note that shipping fees and delivery times vary depending on the destination.

FedEx Airplane

FedEx Airplane loaded with Minter & Richter Rings

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