Breaking the Mold: Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Rings

Breaking the Mold: Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Rings

Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Rings

As ring makers, we totally understand the allure of traditional wedding rings.  After all, getting married at all is a tradition, an important one for sure, but still a tradition.  Whenever we do anything traditional, there is a feeling we all have of wanting every aspect of that thing be traditional.  We are here to tell you that is not true.  You can still have a very traditional wedding and marriage but have an ultra modern, super cool wedding ring. At Minter + Richter Designs, you can in fact have your ring look super traditional or not traditional at all - or even somewhere in the happy between.  You are only limited by your own imagination. 

It is important to remember that traditions can still be followed and, at the same time, tweaked slightly to make them more fitting to you.  Consider some of the somewhat nutty traditions below.  We still follow them, but we have definitely tweaked all of them!


Traditional Wedding Parties

Have you ever wondered why couples invite special friends and family members to participate in their wedding party? The American wedding party tradition dates back to ancient Roman times. Several women would be asked to dress similar to the bride in order to confuse any evil spirits that may attempt to kidnap the bride. Nowadays, the bridesmaids may dress differently from the bride, but they generally wear similar dresses to each other.  

The best man and other groomsmen also have roles steeped in tradition. In ancient times, brides weren't always exactly willing parties. Instead, they would be abducted by the groom, his best man, and other close friends. These men are now representing both consenting parties by being groomsmen.

Today wedding parties vary immensely and no one is really worried about confusing demons.


Traditional Bridal Showers

The bridal shower wasn't originally intended to be a party for the bride to receive gifts. Rather, they were intended to help raise dowry money for brides and their families who couldn't afford one in Europe (1500s).

Today's showers started emerging around the 1800s in the U.S. and are generally focused on showering the bride with gifts.


Traditional Wedding Cake Customs

The cake isn't just to provide a sweet end to a wedding feast. In ancient times, there was a different meaning. A small cake was broken over the bride's head during the ceremony to symbolize fertility. The guests would pick up the bits of cake that fell to the floor and keep them for luck.

Cake Toppers came to be when Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert in 1850 and she had small figurines of herself and the Prince created for the top. By the 1950s, this was commonly seen in U.S. weddings.

Finally, the groom's cake is a uniquely American custom that started in the South.

Today you can have any kind of dessert you want!  When I, Minter Edwards, married Scott Richter, (my first name plus his last name is now Minter + Richter Designs!) we had 20 different pies.  We just aren't cake people, what can I say?


Tradition of Carrying the Bride Over the Threshold

A favorite tradition of television newlyweds is to carry the bride over the threshold before entering their home to start a new life together. The reason? It's bad luck for a bride to trip upon entering the couple's home for the first time and if she is carried, she will not bring "evil spirits" in with her. Her husband carries her so this won't happen.

I think a lot of us still do this one.  But you certainly don't have to!


Traditional Honeymoons

Some say the honeymoon stemmed from the bridal abductions. The kidnapped bride and her groom would run off to a hidden location so no one would find them. They were usually gone for about a month. Others highlight that the reason for the honeymoon was to travel to visit friends and relatives who couldn't attend the wedding itself. Either way, the honeymoon is now firmly embedded in American wedding culture.

Traditional Wedding Rings are Evolving

Whatever the case, traditions are made to evolve and change with the times.  And so it is with Wedding Rings.  Historically, wedding rings were pretty plain and generally gold or silver.  Due to the effects of gold and silver mining on our earth, most people opt out of gold and silver today.  There is also the fact that people just need sturdier rings today.  Gold is like butter compared to titanium, so most people today opt for a titanium base for their ring.  But even if you opt for a titanium ring, you can still one that is traditional in its look and very plain.  Some of our favorite more traditional looking rings are Sleek and Simple, Vertical Stroke Sleek, and True.  

Vertical Stroke Wedding Ring Set

Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Rings


Vertical Conquer Kore

Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Rings


Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Rings


But perhaps you want to keep it traditional but add just a bit of an oomph!  That is where an inlay comes in.  You don't have to go crazy with tons of inlays.  But a simple single inlay can have huge impact while still keeping it in the realm of tradition.  Rings like Hidden Forest, Box Elder Brass, and Inox Sapphire Blue all fit that bill.

Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Rings


Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Rings


Or maybe you want to still keep it a little traditionally plain on the exterior of the ring, but have it a little wild on the interior!  We have loads of rings that are made for those of you that want to keep your crazy hidden!  Rings like Lake Baikal, Glass Bead Burst, and Spotted Azurite to name a few.

Glass Bead Burst - Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Rings

Swirling Sea - Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Rings

Lake Baikal - Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Rings

Finally, you may just think that the ring itself, no matter what it looks like, is the tradition.  If that is the case, any ring you love is the perfect ring.  You may want something super mod with Carbon Fiber, Whiskey Barrel, or Both!  There are so many amazing new materials today, it seems a little nuts not to enjoy them.  For example, resins are amazing and are an art form all their own.  The same can be said for the ultra durable M3 Mokume Gane.  And don't forget, today you can even use materials from your own home or favorite beach to inlay your wedding rings.  The entire world is open to you, traditions and all.  Which traditions you grab onto and how closely you follow them are completely up to you.

tron wedding ring

Tron - Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Rings

 North Shore Sea Glass - Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Rings



Searching for the perfect wedding ring set for the two of you is the most fun part of the Wedding Ring tradition.  Especially today since there are so many option.  

Some of the best wedding rings are the ones that make your day extra special and that feel like you. A custom wedding ring is a perfect way to make your ring a little more special. Here are a few benefits of using custom wedding rings.

Get What You Are Looking For-

There are hundreds of different style wedding rings for sale, which can make finding the perfect ring rather difficult. Maybe you like the style of one ring but wish it was in a different metal. Or maybe you prefer the stones on one ring but want them placed in a different format. When you work with Minter and Richter Designs, you’re able to design a wedding ring that gives you exactly what you want. All you have to do is contact us.  In general, this below is the information we will be looking for in order to give you a quote.


Ring A - ____________________________ (name or description of ring – or name of ring on website you are basing your design upon)

apx. size - __________ (we would base your sizers around this size.  Custom Sizers are highly recommended, see below in signature for info.)

width - __________ mm

Finish on metal - _______________________ (satin?  Sandblasted?  Mirror?)

Shape of edges - __________________________ (rounded?  Flat?  Pinstriped?)

Any interior anodizing?  If so, what color? - ___________________ (blue, green, bronze, sunset, pink, purple)

engraving phrase - _____________________________________________ (if desired)


Ring B - _________________________________ (description of ring – or NAME OF RING on our website you are basing your design upon)

apx. size – _____________ (we would base your sizers around this size.  Custom Sizers are highly recommended, see below in signature for info.)

width – _____________mm

Finish on metal - _______________________ (satin?  Sandblasted?  Mirror?)

Shape of edges - __________________________ (rounded?  Flat?  Pinstriped?)

Any interior anodizing?  If so, what color? - ___________________ (blue, green, bronze, sunset, pink, purple)

engraving phrase - __________________________________________ (if desired)

Instagram Handle - ______________________ (Do you want to get tagged with a pic of the ring while we are making it?)

Wedding hashtag - ___________________________

wedding date - _________________________

latest must have by date - __________________

Do you want a Lifetime Care Option?  If so, which level? _________________ (STANDARD Level, PREMIUM Level – see below for info.)

Full STREET shipping address - ______________________________________________





Covers all damage for life

Covers a onetime free re-make should you ever lose your ring.

Not available for Meteorite Rings

Unless waived for special circumstances, must be purchased as part of original transaction.

Includes return shipping



Covers all damage for life

Does not cover loss of ring

Includes return shipping



Q: How do I get sized?

A: WE STRONGLY SUGGEST PURCHASING MINTER & RICHTER CUSTOM SIZERS to guarantee you get the absolute perfect fit for your ring. The industry-wide standard for ring size carries many variables (different measuring tools, ring widths, ring materials and design). Factory made bands are sized LESS accurately than our handmade bands. Therefore, getting sized at a factory jewelry store does not guarantee that the size will be correct. We offer Sizing Exchanges for life for half price. But getting Custom Sizers ensures that you will not need a sizing exchange. A sizing exchange is 50% the cost of the original if you were not sized on our custom sizers.

  1. Minter & Richter Custom Aluminum Sizers ($45 for a set of 3 sizers): If you have a general idea of what your ring size might be, we can make you a set of custom aluminum sizers (plain aluminum bands) in three different sizes at your preferred width. This allows you to spend time wearing each sizer for a day or two and finding out which one offers the most comfortable fit. Finger size can fluctuate slightly throughout the day due to water intake, temperature, etc. so this is an excellent way to get an accurate representation of exactly how your final ring will fit. We request that customers purchase their final ring(s) at the same time as the sizers. We will ship you the sizers along with a SASE for convenient return (domestic only – international must pay for return shipping). Once you confirm your ring size we begin making your rings!

(**Please note that sizers can add approximately 2 weeks to order processing.)



Another common issue with trying to buy a wedding ring is finding one that gives you what you want but still works within your budget. That is never an issue at Minter & Richter Designs as we are happy to work with you to fit your budget.  Feel free to let us know what that budget is and we will nail it for you!



Most Online retailers and large stores sell factory made products that are mass produced, largely overseas. Be careful!  Many website that look like they are making rings similar to ours are actually just ordering blanks from China and filling them with wood, etc.  Rings that "ship from" USA are not necessarily made here.  Just because the website looks handmade, does not mean it is.  And, if you don’t read the fine print, you may end up purchasing a wedding ring that has lower quality than you’d looked for. 

When you ask Minter and Richter Designs to make your custom wedding rings, however, you know exactly what you’re getting. Your ring is absolutely guaranteed made by Master Craftsman, Scott Richter.  It will not be made by a room full of "ring makers" on an assembly line.  Only a single maker can create a ring that is as fully customized and perfectly balanced and stable as the rings at Minter & Richter Designs.



Sure, getting a simple gold ring is easy. It makes buying your wedding ring a quick process and gets rid of the hassle of finding the perfect piece of jewelry. However, it’s also impersonal. 

When you buy a custom wedding ring from Minter & Richter Designs, you’re in charge of your design and I will work with you until you absolutely love it. It makes your ring truly unique and tells a story about who you and your partner are as a couple. Just email me directly at or call 617-326-6671 and I will get you started.



Getting a custom wedding ring takes your wedding bands from special to magical. It’s what adds that extra touch of sentimentality and whimsy to your special day.   I always say that if anything in your life should be unique to you, its your wedding ring. 


Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Rings



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