Over Moon and Sky Meteorite

Minter + Richter Titanium Rings

Over Moon and Sky Meteorite. This uniquely sourced meteorite ring has a generous center inlay of Meteorite. Found near Gibeon, Namibia, in South-West Africa in 1836. It has bits of supernova, Palladium-107, the second longest lived isotope. It is estimated to be over 4 billion years old! This ring boasts a combination of antiquity and modernity. Interior overlay of Blue Silver Mokume and sapphire blue anodized pinstripes on each edge. Polished nicely with a mirror finish.  Pictured at 6.4mm.

Also pictured is our Protective Meteorite Wax -https://www.minterandrichterdesigns.com/products/meteorite-protective-wax

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