Eco Resin with Forget-Me-Nots Cuff

Minter + Richter Titanium Rings

This gorgeous handmade Cuff Bracelet features pressed Forget Me Nots that are encased in eco resin.

Apx. 2 5/8" high and 1/4" thick.

Eco Resin is a product that employs green chemistry techniques to create a bio-based resin that uses materials such as pine oils that are co-products or waste products of other industrially important processes. It's a resin that lets us tread a little more lightly on the earth.

Each piece is handmade using botanicals and epoxy resin, and just as each flower is unique, so is each piece of jewelry we make. The piece you receive will have the same size, shape, botanicals and look as the samples in the photos. 

This jewelry is handmade from natural materials, and slight imperfections are part of the character of the piece.


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