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Is your titanium ring in need of some extra love? Do you want to embellish your ring with an engraving? Would you like to purchase a gift certificate or a Lifetime Care plan with Minter & Richter?

Minter & Richter Designs is your go-to source for all things related to titanium rings, and we are your trusted partner in caring for and maintaining a high-quality titanium ring for a lifetime. Our customers come from all over the Boston, MA area, from Cambridge to Brighton and Jamaica Plain, as well as from out-of-state. We also ship our products all over the world and wherever FedEx goes.

Whether you want to get your ring sized, engraved, or cared for in a Lifetime Care plan, we would love to help you. We even offer care products for your titanium ring, such as our organic Band Balm and Meteorite Protective Wax.

Minter & Richter’s Titanium Ring Services

Titanium Ring Customer Sizer Program

When you purchase a titanium ring with Minter & Richter Designs in Boston, we offer our Custom Sizer Program #Hometryon, which guarantees that your ring will fit. It’s important to get the fit right with your titanium ring, because it can’t be resized, and this service ensures that your fit is perfect. Plus, if for some reason your ring doesn’t fit in the first 30 days of wear, we’ll replace it for free. If you do not take part in our Custom Sizer Program, you are eligible for a Sizing Exchange for half price for life. So whether 10 minutes or 10 years go by after receipt of the ring, we will always make you a new band at a new size for 50% of the cost of the current retail price of the ring.

Titanium Ring Engraving Services

Whether you’ve purchased a ring with Minter & Richter Designs or another shop across the Boston metro area, we would be glad to help you with engraving your ring. We can engrave both designs and text. Our standard engraving service with our standard production time of three weeks, including up to 30 characters, and we also offer our shotgun engraving service with our rush manufacturing, which also includes up to 30 characters.

Titanium Ring Shotgun Rush Manufacturing

If you purchase a titanium ring with Minter & Richter Designs and would like your ring sooner than three weeks after it’s sized, we provide our Shotgun Rush Order service. When you add our Shotgun Rush Order service into your purchase, you’ll get your titanium ring(s) in less than three weeks. All you need to do is specify your latest must-have-by date, your occasion date, and the number of rings you need. Whether you live in the Boston metro area or in another state, we can get your ring(s) to you when you need them. Shotgun Rush is per ring, not per order. So if someone orders two rings, the price is 100 per ring for shotgun rush.

Lifetime Care Plans for Your Titanium Ring

You can get your ring protected for an entire lifetime with just one purchase of one of our Lifetime Care plans – the Minter & Richter spa treatment. We offer two levels of Lifetime Care plans: our Gold level and Titanium level. The Gold level covers all damage for life, does not cover the loss of your ring, and includes FedEx return shipping. The Titanium level covers all damage for life, covers a one-time, free re-make if you lose your ring, and includes FedEx return shipping.

Titanium Ring Care Products

Minter & Richter offers one-of-a-kind, organic care products to help you ensure that your titanium ring stays free from damage. Our Band Balm and our Meteorite Protective Wax take extra care of the wood and meteorite in your titanium ring.

If you have any wood in your titanium ring, we highly recommend the Band Balm to clean, polish and protect the wood in your ring. Although we put a protective polish on the wood, it’s always recommended to use our Band Balm to ensure that the wood stays in top condition.

Our Meteorite Protective Wax takes care of meteorite in the same way that wax protects your car. The 100% organic blend cleans, polishes, and protects your meteorite, and it is recommended for use once a month or whenever you feel that the meteorite could use extra protection.

Gift Certificates

Whether your loved one is into handcrafted jewelry that matches their titanium ring or in need of titanium care products, a gift certificate is the perfect present for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas. We even add an extra special touch by packaging our gift certificates in a handmade cardboard box with our signature ribbon. Our gift certificates start at $50.

Our Guarantee

Each of our pieces at Minter & Richter Designs, whether it be our men’s and women’s titanium rings, our jewelry, or our accessories, is handcrafted in our Boston studio by certified master craftsman, Scott Richter and the Minter & Richter team. When you make a purchase with us, you can trust that you are working with a local, renowned company that takes great care in designing and crafting the pieces you choose.

Every item is 100% backed by our Minter & Richter guarantee, which means we would love to help with any problem that arises. We will always fix or replace your titanium ring inlay, should you ever need it as part of our Lifetime Protection plans, and our titanium rings also come with lifetime sizing exchange guarantees, which means we will make you a new ring at half the cost of the current retail price, if you need a new size down the road in exchange for the original ill-fitting ring.

Get in Touch with Us Today for All of Our Titanium Ring Services

Whether you’re in need of a Lifetime Care plan, custom engraving, a gift certificate, or one of our care products, we have everything you need for your titanium ring. We plan to be your partner in the care of your ring for its lifetime.

If you have a question about any of our titanium ring services, you can get in touch with us by calling (617) 326-6671, chatting with us live online, or sending a message through our contact form today! We look forward to helping you.

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