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Wedding Trends 2013

If you've been to a wedding lately but might have mistaken it for a music video, circus, or mountain expedition, you're not alone! Wedding trends have gotten freaky, fantastic, and far-removed from the traditional little white chapel occasions that dominated generations past. Weddings have gotten a little less fit-the-mold and a little more be-yourself. DIY has become the norm, and that's why wedding galleries like these never get boring!



iPhone Groom & Bride


Wedding Trends 2013:

2013 is going to be an exciting year - we've outlived the rapture and Mayan apocalypse and more states are legalizing same-sex marriage! Here at Minter & Richter we've got an inside look at what may prove to be some of the year's hottest wedding trends 2013. Check it out!


1.COLOR: What's cool and refreshing in summer and spring (think mojitos), yet can also provide comfort and warmth in winter or fall (hot cocoa) ...?


MINT is the new green.

Mint is what you make it: retro, girly, clean, classy...



 Minter & Richter  "When the Light is Gone, Love Remains" Titanium Wedding Band



Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the one who doesn't want to blend in with the walls?



Minter & Richter "Midori" Sandblasted Titanium Wedding Band



2. BEAUTY: What happens when simple knots and twists are taken to the next level...?


 Back to the basics with BRAIDS.


Elegant, Romantic, and won't sneak into your cake or kiss!

Up-  "I DO!"





Go with the flow on your wedding day...




3. DECOR: Did you ever cut out a paper heart in elementary school for somebody special...?


CUT - IT - OUT.  Laser Cuts wow by adding a modern or vintage look to dress, decor, invites, you name it.



Bold design.



Endless Romance.




4. FOOD: What's often fruit-filled, and always fantastic....?


 PIE takes the cake!





Eat your heart out!




Hap-pie-ly Ever After.



5. JEWELRY: What could be more traditional than a ring that will maintain its shining strength and beauty generations beyond gold and silver?


 TITANIUM wedding bands are getting hot, hot, hot! Extremely durable, 100% hypoallergenic, and with a lower price point than many other metals, titanium wedding bands continue to surge in popularity. MOKUME meets titanium: Mokume Gane rings feature uniquely patterned metal-stock styled in the Mokume Gane tradition of Japan. Our new M3 line of Mokume Gane rings are a modern interpretation of an ancient metal art. Originally created in 17th century Japan as adornment for samurai sword handles and sheaths, Mokume Gane rings reflect the finest hour of craftsmanship - reproducing the intrinsic beauty of mother nature herself. Bold!


Minter & Richter "Kazan" M3 Mokume Gane rings







Minter & Richter "Merlin" M3 Mokume Gane rings



Mokume earrings



Minter & Richter "Katana" M3 Mokume Gane rings



What do you predict will be big in weddings for 2013? We'd love to hear your thoughts!