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"How We Met" Contest Winners: Kimberly & Jacy !

What happens when a city girl on retreat to a small mountain town follows a country boy on horseback into the woods…?


















Kimberly tells their story in her own words:

After doing autopsies for nearly ten years I needed a major break for some “life rehabilitation” somewhere quiet, beautiful, and away from city life. In the summer of 2009 I decided to go to a small mountain town in Tennessee where my dad had retired to from Michigan. I had originally figured that a month here would be more than enough time for that. During this time I was staying with one of my best friends that lives here. One night she told me that we were having two of her close friends over for a cookout. She kept telling me all about one of the guys that was coming in all this detail. I was under the impression that she thought that her friend was a really great guy and never thought that she had any ulterior motive.

When they arrived I thought, “Ok, these guys are great; they’re funny and interesting… this is going to be a fun night.” The guy she had told me all about was just beautiful to me: very tall, dark hair, and eyes. But I didn’t really notice any of that bonus until later on. He and I just couldn’t stop finding things to talk about even though we came from totally different lifestyles. I had turned into a bit of a city girl and he is an outdoorsy, country boy. But as it turned out we had many of the same interests. That night, after he went home I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I found out later on that he had felt the same way. In the next few days he kept trying to his hardest to spend time with me but I brushed him off. I figured that since I was going to be here for such a short time that there was no point in being anything more than friends. After a few days of this, I finally gave in and went to meet him at his house which turned out to be on a farm! That night we went for a night ride on the horses in the moonlight. We were both hopelessly hooked. After 10 years of nothing but emotionally stressful work; social scenes that never really made me happy; and relationships that always seemed to be missing something, I finally felt complete. After that, things just fell into place for us and we still live here on our peaceful farm up here in the mountains away from everything. The twist to our story: the reason why my friend kept telling me about this friend in such detail is that she was setting us up on the sly. My fiancée knew but didn’t really place any high hopes on something like this. If I had known what she was up to I would have NEVER went for something like that. Three years later, here we are absolutely in love with each other and are the new parents of a beautiful baby girl. We plan to be married in the fall of 2012 in the Smoky Mountains.


Kimberly & Jacy designed a beautiful set of Minter & Richter Titanium wedding bands, incorporating Water Buffalo Horn (to represent strength) and Gray Marbled Opalecsent (to represent immortality and purity). The design is fittingly named "Fortress"